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Turkish Weather

Turkey Weather

There’s no denying the fact that Turkey is a country with very distinct and different seasons. From snowcapped winter to scorching summer, this beautiful country has it all. Even within each season, you will find variations in weather from one region to another. For instance, while coastal cities like Antalya and Izmir have tropical climates almost yearly, inland cities -- like Ankara and Kayseri -- often experience chilly winters with subzero temperatures. So, while packing for your trip to Turkey, you must be well-informed about the weather of each place you intend to visit so you can plan accordingly. The following post will help you understand the weather in Turkey better so that you can choose which city to explore based on your preference and its corresponding weather conditions:

Spring (March-May)

The spring season in Turkey will bring you a mix of warm days and chilly nights. During this period, the weather is most unpredictable, as it can go from mild to chilly in just a few hours. While April and May are the warmest months, the average temperature in Ankara is still around 11 degrees Celsius, and in Istanbul, it is around 12. Seasons in Turkey are not as distinct as in other countries. The weather can be warm one day and cold the next. The best time to visit this country is between March and May, especially if you want to avoid the crowds. This is the time when most tourists are yet to arrive. The streets are quiet, and you will have plenty of time to explore the different attractions in and around the country.

Summer (June – August)

If you like it hot and are not afraid of sweating in the sun, then summer in Turkey is the season to visit. The country experiences intense heat during this period. Temperatures in some cities like Izmir can go up to 36 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature in Ankara is around 23 degrees Celsius. Although summers are the busiest season in Turkey, the increased numbers of tourists visiting the country make it an exciting time to explore. You can experience the famous Turkish hospitality, shop for traditional crafts, and enjoy various festivals and events, including the International Istanbul Carnival and the International Istanbul Biennial. If you visit Turkey during the summer, drink lots of water, wear lightweight clothes, and use an SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from burns and other skin diseases.

Fall (September – October)

If you want to experience the best of both worlds -- warm weather and falling leaves -- a trip to Turkey during fall is just what you need. With temperatures ranging from 15 to 21 degrees Celsius, you can visit the country during this season and enjoy the pleasant weather. The tourism season slows down during this time of the year, so you can explore the country more relaxedly. You can even visit the ancient ruins and other historical attractions that are usually crowded during the other seasons. If you are visiting Turkey now, you might even be lucky enough to catch the changing leaves of the Turkish forests. The cooler weather is also a great time to visit the thermal spas and enjoy other outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and trekking.

Winter (November – February)

If you crave adventure, you should visit Turkey during winter. The climate, however, is not as extreme as you might expect it to be. The average temperatures range from around 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. That said, coastal cities like Izmir and Antalya experience almost the same temperatures during summer, whereas inland cities are colder. You can visit the Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace museums, shop for Turkish carpets, and enjoy Turkish cuisine now. If you visit Turkey during winter, you must keep yourself warm and safe. Wear a good pair of winter clothes, especially while you are outside. Keep yourself hydrated and warm with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

No matter which season you decide to visit Turkey, there’s much to see and do. You can choose between visiting the most beautiful palaces, exploring ancient ruins, and shopping for traditional Turkish crafts. The weather in Turkey is nothing short of spectacular, and it can make this country even more magical. Plan your trip during the season(s) that best suit your travel needs and interests.

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