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What to Visit in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a land of spectacular natural beauty, ancient civilizations and modern marvels. The country is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks and natural wonders, as well as lesser-known hidden gems that are well worth your time to discover. This article will give you all the information you need about what to visit in UAE if you want to experience this unique country at its best. Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, learning about culture or history, or just hanging out with friends, there is something for everyone in the UAE. Here are our favorite places and things to do in UAE if you want to get the most from your trip:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is without a doubt the most famous place to visit in all of the UAE. Completed in 2003, this is the world’s largest mosque in terms of capacity, with the ability to hold 40,000 worshippers at once. The mosque’s 120-metre tall minaret is the tallest architectural structure in the UAE. The beauty of the external structure of the mosque is only outdone by the amazing interior, which contains over 6000 hand-made marble pieces. The mosque was built to reflect traditional Islamic architecture, but with modern additions such as the 800 chandeliers that adorn the inside of the main dome. The mosque has a free tourist entrance, which is open to visitors six days a week and is located in Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital city.

Arabian Desert: The Empty Quarter

The Arabian Desert, which covers a large portion of the UAE, is one of the most famous deserts in the world. The Empty Quarter is one of the most remote parts of the Arabian Desert, and is considered to be the world’s most untouched desert. Winning the title of the “world’s emptiest place” from National Geographic is no small feat! The vast and seemingly endless landscapes are an alien sight for most people, and make for a great adventure for intrepid travelers. Most of the desert is off-limits to visitors, but there are a few spots that you can visit with a guide. One of these is the Liwa Oasis, a large expanse of palm trees in an otherwise dry and arid desert landscape. You can also travel to the Al-Gharra Salt Volcano, which forms a stunning backdrop against the clouds of sand in the distance.

Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Rotana Hotels

The Burj al-Arab Hotel, which translates to “the Tower of the Arab”, is one of the most famous hotels in the world. This architectural wonder is located on the coastline of Dubai and is the UAE’s most recognizable landmark. The hotel is also one of the most famous hotels on the planet, being featured in countless movies and TV shows. The hotel also holds an iconic status among architecture fans due to its very unique design. The curved and tapered tower is built mostly out of concrete, with a steel skeleton inside. The hotel’s roof is also very distinctive, being covered with large golf ball-like objects.

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This unique architectural landmark also has a rather innovative use for the top two floors: they function as a helipad for the hotel. You can take a tour of the building and helipad during your visit to the Burj. Alternatively, you can also just enjoy strolling along the waterfront as the massive copters take off and land nearby. Like many cities in the region, Dubai also has a number of high-quality hotels that are well worth a visit. However, these hotels are popular due to their excellent locations, not their architectural features. The Rotana Hotels chain has several excellent hotels in Dubai, such as the Rotana Khalifa Tower and the Rotana Sea-Front Hotel.

Fujairah Fort — a.k.a. “The Blue Fort”

The Fujairah Fort, nicknamed “the blue fort” due to its blue and white paint job, is a spectacular sight in Fujairah, one of the UAE’s eastern emirates. This large and imposing fort is almost a city in its own right, with its own mosques, gardens and towers. The Fujairah Fort is also the largest fort in the UAE. The Fujairah Fort was built in the 19th century to defend against outside invaders, and has been renovated and modified many times since. The fort also served as a prison for many years, housing a large number of political prisoners until the 1970s. The Fujairah Fort is now a popular tourist attraction, and is well worth a visit.

Hamdan Street and the souks of Deira

Hamdan Street is an old trading street in Dubai’s Deira district that is worth visiting for the fascinating experience of exploring the souks. The souks are traditional markets that are a key part of everyday life in the UAE. They are crammed full of shops and stalls selling all manner of items, from spices to clothing, and are an excellent example of the cultural heritage of the region. Deira is a great place to visit due to its central location, with Hamdan Street being a short walk from Dubai’s historic Creek area. Hamdan Street is one of the best places to visit in the UAE for experiencing the UAE’s traditional commerce.

Haji Qirru and Shidah Fort

Haji Qirru, also known as Shidah Fort, is a large and imposing fort located in the emirate of Ajman, one of the UAE’s eastern emirates. This fort was built in the 18th century and is a great example of traditional Emirati architecture. Haji Qirru is one of the most famous landmarks in Ajman, and is also the city’s most popular tourist attraction. The fort is named after a famous Emirati sheikh who once ruled over the nearby city of Sharjah. The fort also houses a large museum that is home to an array of cultural artifacts and antiques that give an insight into Emirati history and culture.

Highlight of this article: Umm al-Quwain — “The Bride of the UAE”

Umm al-Quwain is one of the lesser-visited emirates in the UAE, but it is also a great place to visit. It is often called “the bride of the UAE” due to the ornate and beautiful bride-like architecture of its buildings. The architecture in Umm al-Quwain combines traditional Arabian styles with modern designs, resulting in a truly unique look. The most famous landmark in Umm al-Quwain is the Dubai-Umm al-Quwain causeway, which is the only way to travel between Umm al-Quwain and the rest of the UAE. This causeway is considered to be an architectural marvel due to the beautiful boulevard that runs alongside it. As you drive across this causeway, you will experience amazing views of the surrounding area.

Umm al-Quwain also has a large nature park and botanical gardens that are well worth a visit. This park is a great place to visit during the cooler months of the year, when it is not too hot. It is also a good place to take a break from the city, and is a great place for families with children.

The UAE is a diverse and interesting country that is well worth a visit. This country is both modern and ancient at the same time, with ancient buildings and modern technology coexisting side-by-side. Whether you’re interested in seeing spectacular architecture or traditional cultural activities, the UAE has it all.

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