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Egyptian Ferries Schedules

Egypt Local Ferries


Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh Ferry Service




ferry hurgahda sharm





Note: the trip takes around 2.5 hours each way.


Rates Per Person 

Rates For Passengers Prices for Egyptian & Foreign ResidentsPrices for non-Egyptians, Tourists, and Visitors
One Way

Adult: EGP 350

Child: EGP 250

Adult: US$ 40

Child: US$ 30


Adult: EGP 630

Child: EGP 450  

Adult: US$ 70

Child: US$ 50

  • Note: children's rates apply for kids from 3 to 12 years old.
  • Children 3-years-old and younger are free,


How To Get To Ferry


Location of port and reservation office 

Location of port 

Reservation office 

Hurghada Maritime Port

 Hurghada Office

Downtown, Saqala Area, El Mina Street

Highjet Bus Station and Mall
Address: Sakala, Aka Square, Hurghada
Phone: +201210142000 - +201065757889

Sharm El Sheikh Maritime Port 

 Sharm El Sheikh Office

End of El Salam Street, Cairo highway, near the old market

Highjet - El Salam Office
Address: El Salam Road, Next to Ragab Sons Market. Nearby: the Old Market
Phone: +201210144000
Address: El Salam Road, inside Wataneya Gas Station
Phone: +201224495592


Nuweiba to Aqaba Ferry  (Jordan)


To go from the city of Nuweiba to Aqaba in Jordon you will need to take a ferry. There is a slow ferry or a high-speed one:


1- Hi-Speed Ferry (Catamaran)


The journey by the fast ferry to Aqaba lasts one hour.


Daily Schedule


  • From Aqaba to Nuweiba: daily (except Saturday) at 12 noon. 
  • From Nuweiba to Aqaba: daily (except Saturday) at 15.30 in the afternoon.


Ferry Prices


One-way economy class:$70 USD
One-way first class:$90 USD
Round economy class:$120 USD
Round first class:$155 USD
Children - (3-10 years old) are $29.00 per person


New Aqaba Fast Ferry


This ferry is run by Meenagate Marine, who are the sole agent of AB Maritime between Nuweiba and Aqaba. The new boat is called Babel and is a high-speed catamaran built in 2010 that runs very smoothly and fast!


ferry- babel


When they have a very big volume of passengers they also have the boat Princess, which runs on a slightly different timetable. Note that in the case of bad weather and rough sea conditions, changes can also occur.






The current timetable is as follows:


  • Nuweiba – Aqaba: departure 6:00 am. Clients need to be at the port at 5:00 am (Egyptian time),


Aqaba-Nuweiba: departure is at 7.30 pm. Clients need to be at the port at 6.30 pm (Jordan time).


  • Sailing time typically lasts 1.5 hours.


Please check with the ferry company a day before departure, to find out what the exact timetable is and when you need to be at the harbor.

Please note:

  • If sailing on Babel, the departure port is at the Royal Yacht Club in Aqaba. 
  • If sailing with Princess, the departure port is the Passenger Terminal just south of Aqaba. In Nuweiba, our clients go through customs at Pyramid Hall. This will be used for our clients exclusively, meaning the whole procedure goes very smoothly and fast.




It is necessary to book in advance. One needs to send the ferry company at least 24 hours booking notice in advance as well as the copy of his/her passport by e-mail or fax. The company will confirm the booking by e-mail.




  • Round trip ticket from Nuweiba – Aqaba- Nuweiba: $ 125 per adult, and $100 per child. Infants under the age of 3, free of charge.
  • One way ticket Nuweiba - Aqaba: $ 85 per adult and $ 70 per child. Infants under the age of 3, free of charge.
  • This price includes marine fees and a soft drink and croissant onboard.
  • At this moment, they only have an office in Aqaba, Jordan. Bookings go through e-mail at
  • Payment can be paid cash at the harbor on the day of traveling. 


Contacts For The Nuweiba / Aqaba) Ferry Company


  • Telephone: +962 (0)3 201 3100 / 201 3137 / 202 2801
  • Fax: +962 (0)3 201 9461
  • Mobile: +962 (0)79 5901 1481


Aqaba Slow Ferry


The journey by the slow ferry to Aqaba takes 3 hours.


Daily Schedule


  • From Aqaba to Nuweiba: daily at midnight. 
  • From Nuweiba to Aqaba: daily at 1400 (2 pm).


One-way economy class:$60 USD
One-way first class:$65 USD
Round economy class:$00 USD
Round first class:$05 USD
children :$22.00 per person (3-10 years old)


For reservations call Turbo Cat Tel. (2)-(02) 574-5836 / 5755


Some Travel Tips


  • You can get the ferry tickets outside the port entrance. Don't forget to have your passport with you. Onboard you will be asked to hand over your passport and you will get it back when you arrive at Aqaba.
  • Make sure you turn up at least two hours before the boat leaves the port. There is a ferry that leaves every day. It should take 3-5 hours to arrive at Aqaba port in Jordan.
  • Note that this ferry can transport cars as well, and it costs you $100 per car.

International ferries operate out of Egypt's main oprts, such as Alexandria, Suez, and Port Said:


Ferry boat that leaves Alexandria  goes to the following ports:


  • To Limassol
  • To Heraklion and Athens
  • To Heraklion and Genoa


Please note that these ferries at the moment only carry cargo and no passengers

The ferry that leaves Port Said goes to the following destination:


  • Rhodes Athens


Please note that these ferries at the moment carry only cargo and no passengers.


Ferry boat that leaves Suez goes to the following destination:


  • To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Egyptian Ferries Schedules

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