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Egypt Ferry Timetables: Your Comprehensive Guide to Ferry Travel in Egypt

Egypt, a country rich in history and culture, is a prime destination for tourists seeking to explore ancient wonders, pristine beaches, and diverse natural landscapes. One of the most efficient ways to travel between Egypt's popular destinations is by ferry. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the most up-to-date information about Egypt ferry timetables and routes, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Main Ferry Routes in Egypt

Egypt's ferry system offers a multitude of routes, catering to the needs of tourists, locals, and even international travelers. This section will detail the various ferry routes available to passengers.

Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh

One of Egypt's most popular ferry routes connects the coastal cities of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. This route is trendy among tourists who wish to explore the Red Sea's beautiful coral reefs and luxury resorts. The High Jet ferry company operates a modern catamaran, 'La Pespes,' which makes the fifty-nautical-mile journey in just over two hours.
La Pespes has comfortable seats, air conditioning, a fully stocked café, and television screens, ensuring passengers have a pleasant journey. The vessel also meets the International Maritime Organization's safety standards and is fully certified by the Egyptian Maritime Authorities.

Red Sea Ferry Services

The Red Sea has several ferry routes connecting Egypt with neighboring countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. These ferries cater to passengers, including tourists, truck drivers, and pilgrims. The following are some of the critical ferry routes operating in the Red Sea:

  • Aqaba (Jordan) to Nuweiba (Egypt): Arab Bridge Maritime operates daily ferries between Aqaba and Nuweiba, taking approximately three hours and carrying vehicles.
  • Aqaba (Jordan) to Taba Heights (Egypt): This route, also operated by Arab Bridge Maritime, offers three to four weekly services for foot passengers only, with a travel time of one hour.
  • Hurghada (Egypt) to Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt): As mentioned earlier, High Jet operates multiple weekly services between these two popular tourist destinations, with a journey time of around two hours.

Long-Distance Ferry Routes

Egypt also offers long-distance ferry routes to neighboring countries, such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia. While less frequent than the Red Sea services, these routes provide a convenient mode of transport for those looking to travel further afield. Some of the significant long-distance routes include:

  • Aswan (Egypt) to Wadi Halfa (Sudan): Nile River Valley Transport Corporation operates a weekly ferry service between these two cities, providing a crucial connection between Egypt and Sudan.
  • Safaga (Egypt) to Duba (Saudi Arabia) and Yanbu (Saudi Arabia): These ferry routes connect Egypt with Saudi Arabia, with services operating from the Egyptian port of Safaga.

Ferry Ports in Egypt

Egypt boasts several bustling ferry ports catering to both domestic and international travelers. The following are some of the primary ferry ports in Egypt:

  • Aqaba (Jordan): Jordan's direct Red Sea port, located 5 km south of the city, offers ferries to Nuweiba and Taba Heights in Egypt.
  • Eilat (Israel): While Eilat, situated next to Aqaba, does not currently provide ferry services, the nearby Taba Heights (Egypt) port connects to Aqaba.
  • Nuweiba (Egypt): This port town offers ferries to Aqaba, Jordan, providing a convenient connection between the two countries.
  • Hurghada (Egypt): The bustling port of Hurghada offers ferry services to Sharm El Sheikh and other Red Sea destinations.
  • Safaga (Egypt): Located further south along the Red Sea coast, Safaga connects Egypt with Duba and Yanbu in Saudi Arabia.

Booking Ferry Tickets in Egypt

To book your ferry tickets in Egypt, you can use online platforms like directferries.com. These platforms allow you to compare High Jet with alternative ferry companies and routes to find the best fit for your travel plans. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to secure the most affordable prices and ensure availability.
Please note that some ferry booking services to Egypt may be temporarily suspended due to political unrest in the Middle East. In such cases, please check with your travel agent or the ferry operators for available ferry travel options.

Travel Tips for Ferry Passengers in Egypt

When embarking on a ferry journey in Egypt, there are a few helpful tips to keep in mind for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Always watch your belongings, as large crowds may gather while waiting to board the ferry.
  • Dress appropriately to respect the local customs and traditions, particularly when traveling between Egypt and neighboring countries.
  • Arrive at the ferry port well before departure, as delays and last-minute changes are not uncommon.

Hurghada -  Sharm Ferry (Nefertiti  Catamaran )  (NOT OPERATIONAL NOW ) 

*The trip takes around 2.30 hours each way






















Prices per person 

Rates For Passengers 

Prices for Egyptian & Foreign Residents

Prices for non-Egyptians, Tourists, and Visitors

One Way

Adult: EGP 350

Child: EGP 250

Adult: US$ 40

Child: US$ 30


Adult: EGP 630

 Child: EGP 450  

Adult: US$ 70

Child: US$ 50

Children rates applied from 3 to 12 years old. Free ticket for Children under 3 years old (Without seat)

Location of port and reservation office 

Location of port 

Reservation office 

Hurghada Maritime Port

 Hurghada Office

Downtown, Saqala Area, El Mina Street

Highjet Bus Station and Mall
Address: Sakala, Aka Square, Hurghada
Phone: +201210142000 - +201065757889

Sharm EL Sheikh Maritime Port 

 Sharm El Sheikh Office

End of El Salam Street, Cairo highway, near the old market

Highjet - El Salam Office
Address: El Salam Road, Next to Ragab Sons Market. Nearby: the Old Market
Phone: +201210144000
Address: El Salam Road, inside Wataneya Gas Station
Phone: +201224495592

Ferry To (Jordan) - Nuweiba to Aqaba Port. (Red Sea )

To go from Nuweiba to Aqaba in Jordon, you must take a high-speeferryne.

1- New Aqaba Fast Ferry:

The ferry service to Aqaba is operated by a company called Meenagate Marine, which acts as the exclusive agent for AB Maritime. The ferry operates on the Tourist Line that connects Nuweiba and Aqaba. The newest addition to the fleet is the Babel, a high-speed catamaran that was built in 2010. This vessel enhances the Arab Bridge Maritime company's fleet.
The Princess boat is made available in situations with many passengers to accommodate the increased demand. Consequently, the timetable may be subject to slight changes. Furthermore, the schedule may also be adjusted in the event of adverse weather conditions or rough sea conditions for the safety of passengers.
Please note that the ferry service is committed to providing a reliable and convenient mode of transportation between Nuweiba and Aqaba. However, circumstances beyond their control may necessitate modifications to the schedule.
The journey by the fast ferry to Aqaba lasts for one hour.

  • From Aqaba to Nuweiba: daily (except Saturday) at 12.00h. 
  • From Nuweiba to Aqaba: daily (except Saturday) at 15.30h.

One-way economy class:

$70 USD

One-way first class:

$90 USD

Round economy class:

$120 USD

Round first class:

$155 USD

Children - (3-10 years old)

$29.00 per person

Ferry Time Table 

At this moment, the timetable is as follows:



Nuweiba – Aqaba: departure: 

6:00 am. (Clients need to be at the port at 5:00 am Egypt time)
Aqaba-Nuweiba: Departure: 7.30 pm (  Clients needs to be at the port at 6.30 pm Jordan time)

*Sailing time typically lasts 1.5 hours.

Please check with the ferry company a day before departure to know the exact timetable and when they need to be at the harbor.

Please note :

  • If you choose to go on the Babel boat, the departure port is at the Royal Yacht Club in Aqaba. 
  • If you go on the Princess boat, the departure port is the Passenger Terminal just south of Aqaba. 
  • In Nuweiba, you will go through customs at the Pyramid Hall. 

Advance Booking 

It is necessary to book in advance. One must send a copy of their passport at least 24 hours in advance by e-mail or fax. They will confirm by e-mail.


 Route  Adult  Child  Infant  
Round ticket Nuweiba – Aqaba- Nuweiba: and . $125  $100  Infants under the age of 3, free of charge.
One-way ticket Nuweiba - Aqaba:and $ 85 

$ 70

Infants under the age of 3, free of charge.
  • This price includes marine fees and soft drinks and croissants onboard.
  • At this moment, they only have an office in Aqaba, Jordan. For that, the bookings go through e-mail at info@meenagate.com
  • Payment can be made in cash. 

Tel. contacts of (Nuweiba / Aqaba) ferry company: 

  • Telephone: +962 (0)3 201 3100 / 201 3137 / 202 2801
  • Fax:      +962 (0)3 201 9461
  • Mobile:    +962 (0)79 5901 1481

2- Aqaba Slow Ferry:

The slow ferry voyage to Aqaba offers a captivating experience, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of the surrounding scenery. With approximately three hours, this leisurely journey provides ample time to appreciate the exquisite landscapes that unfold along the way. While aboard the Aqaba Slow Ferry, passengers can indulge in a tranquil ambiance, complemented by the vessel's gentle sway and the sea's soothing sounds. The slow pace of the ferry allows for uninterrupted moments of relaxation, providing an opportunity to unwind and appreciate the natural wonders that grace the route.
Passengers are treated to a visual feast of breathtaking vistas throughout the voyage. The picturesque coastal views, characterized by pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and majestic cliffs, create a mesmerizing tapestry that showcases the unparalleled beauty of the journey. From sun-kissed shores to rugged rock formations, every scene encountered during this ferry ride is a testament to the wonders of nature.

Tickets Prices for your ferry  

  • Departure  From Aqaba to Nuweiba: daily at 24.00h. 
  • Departure From Nuweiba to Aqaba: daily at 14.00h.
  Class   Price 

One-way economy class:

$60 USD

One-way first class:

$65 USD

Round economy class:

$00 USD

Round first class:

$05 USD

children: $22.00 per person

(3-10 years old) 

Other Travel Tips 

  • You can get the ferry tickets outside the port entrance; remember to bring your passport. Onboard, you will be asked to hand over your passport, and you will be getting it back when you arrive in Aqaba.
  • Make sure you turn up at least two hours before the boat leaves the port; there is a ferry that leaves every day; it should take 3-5 hours to arrive at the Aqaba port in Jordon.

* Note that this ferry can also transport cars, costing you $100 per car.

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