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Egypt on a Plate: The Rich Traditions of Egyptian Food

Unlike their ornate clothing and jewelry, ancient Egyptians had a straightforward diet and selection of food. Old Egyptian cuisines were much more concise than French or other European cuisines. During various ancient Egypt periods, food was not only a means of filling stomachs but also a mode of payment to purchase and sell. Food items were used for swap in addition to being eaten. Although simple, traditional Egyptian food tastes excellent and still has the authentic touch of ancient times. Here are the top Egyptian dishes you must taste if you visit Egypt. 

1- Kushari

Egyptian Food

Kushari is a famous Egyptian dish made over 100 years ago and is still considered the national dish of Egypt. This dish is not originally from Egypt but was introduced by the British when they visited Egypt in the 19th century. Egyptians have given this pasta dish an excellent taste. It has tomato sauce, rice, lentils, caramelized onions, carbohydrates, garlic, and chickpeas.

2- Fattah

Egyptian Food

Fattah is a fantastic festive dish made by Christians and Muslims on special occasions in Egypt. It consists of layers of fried rice, rice bread, and garlic and vinegar meat soup. It is usually made 50 days before Easter by Christians and eaten in Ramadan by Muslims.

3- Shawarma

Egyptian Food

This dish became Egyptian after Egypt came under the Ottoman Empire. This delicious dish is a Middle Eastern sandwich comprised of shaved goat, chicken, chicken lamb, beef, or turkey. A special Egyptian sauce called tahini sauce is used along with this tasty sandwich.

4- Feeseekh:

Egyptian Food

Feeseekh is a traditional Egyptian dish that is prepared for the Shaam-El-Nessim festival. This dish consists of fermented, salted, and dried gray mullet. The fish is first dried in the sun and is then salted. Special care needs to be taken in preparing this dish as any mistake can lead to getting very sick from the fish.

5- Hawawshi

Egyptian Food

Hawawahi is an Egyptian meat pie. It is made by stuffing rice, wheat, or herbs in pigeons baked in a regular oven or rotisserie.

6- Konafah

Egyptian Food

It is a yummy Egyptian sweet dish made from a thin noodle-like pastry. The origin of Konafah is very mysterious but is mentioned in early books of ancient Egypt and Turkey. The noodles are made dry and rigid, then added butter or oil. This is baked with fruit syrup and tastes highly delicious when it's done. 

7- Gibna Domiati:

Egyptian Food

Gibna Domiati is a traditional and famous Egyptian cheese made in Damietta and is exceptionally white and soft. It is usually made from buffalo milk, sometimes a cow, and tastes delicious if kept longer in the can and used later.
Apart from these are other dishes like dukkah, Halawa, taro soup, Kabab was kofta, mahshi, and many more. So, taste all these and have a delightful tour of the great Arabic place of Egypt. Good Luck!
In the heart of every civilization lies its food, and in Egypt, this truth is profoundly palpable. From the hearty ful medames breakfasts to the comforting bowls of molokhia, Egyptian cuisine is a beautiful amalgamation of the country's rich history, diverse culture, and agricultural abundance. Egyptian food flavors are not just for the palate but also for the soul, providing an intimate connection to the past and a hint of the evolution of global cuisine.
Egyptian food might still need to claim its spot on the global gastronomic stage compared to other cuisines, but its breadth, depth, and unique charm are undeniable. This culinary journey through Egypt is merely a glimpse into the vastness of what the land of the Pharaohs has to offer. Whether a seasoned food adventurer or a curious novice, Egyptian cuisine invites you to expand your gastronomic horizons.
In a world where the love for food transcends borders, it is only a matter of time before Egyptian cuisine gets the global recognition it deserves. For now, however, the adventure of discovering its secrets and relishing its flavors belongs to those daring and curious enough to journey into the heart of the Nile Valley. So, the next time you think about embarking on a culinary expedition, let the allure of the Pyramids guide you and let the food of Egypt feed your soul.

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