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A Therapeutic Vacation in Safaga

Want to spend a peaceful vacation and relax by the delightful sight of the sea? Visit Safaga then! Safaga is a small interesting town overlooking the coast of the Red sea. Though lying 40 kilometers from Hurghada, Safaga isn’t as famous as the rest of Sinai’s jewels. Still, among the strategic sites, Safaga stands strong as the main port in Egypt. Visit Safaga and be one of the lucky people who witness its beauty!
Famous for its lovely bungalows and resorts, the city offers a variety of accommodation choices to match your taste. The charming atmosphere of Safaga is your chance to indulge in a combined Ancient Greek and Egyptian history. Let’s explore the city’s intriguing activities and endearing sites.

Roman Ruins on Eastern deserts!

Jump in a portal and go back in time to enjoy the old city of Rome on Egyptian grounds! Romans mined granite out in Mons Claudianus to build their famous fascinating columns. Standing among the ruins, you can’t help but be fascinated by the brilliant Roman architecture. From towering pillars to cracked temples, the interesting site will flood you with awe-inspiring vibes. Now, all you need is Achilles of Troy to recite the ancient story of Rome!

A day in Safaga keeps the doctor away!


Why don’t you visit Safaga for an ache-relieving experience? The captivating city is regarded as one of the main medical tourist attractions worldwide. With heavenly weather containing therapeutic ultraviolet rays, Safaga is a destination for climatotherapy patients. Adding its blessed sands, the city has got your back and joints! Cover yourself in the salty, mineralized sands of Safaga to treat rheumatoid disease. Psoriasis patients also get to bathe in the sandy-bliss all day both for joy and remedy. Expect your skin to glow after this trip!

Capture a wide angle of the sea with the Panorama Reef


Crown your vacation with a dive in the turquoise water of the Red Sea! Put on your diving suit and let’s explore the unique tropical Panorama Reef. The oval-shaped reef is jammed with dynamic sea creatures and plants. Get ready to be amazed by the fascinating corals scattered on the seafloor, including the Acropora, staghorn, and Elkhorn corals. Enjoy the scenic view of the groups of fish whirling in between the reefs. Get a chance to meet Nemo at school with his teacher the Eagle Ray! And, if you’re lucky enough, you may find a dolphin or two hovering around you.
Diving is not your cup of tea? Book a glass boat tour and avoid getting wet! Sail above the water and watch the vibrant sea life extending under your feet. Savor the feel of the gentle breeze and the sight of the crystal clear sea, all at once.

Surf the waves and battle the winds in Safaga!


Need to spice your trip a bit? Opt for thrilling surf in the rising tides and crashing waves of Safaga’s Red Sea. Beginner or experienced, the water in that area is ideal for all surfers. Let the water tender you with an easy and smooth surf, enjoying the iconic package of sun and water. It’s the perfect chance for you to enjoy a good laugh and a refreshing adventure.

Have an exhilarating dive like no other!


A fantastic chance prevails for those who wish to get their adrenaline pumped! Have a live meeting with the sharks instead of only watching them on your screen. Be prepared to have a striking adventure, with the help of professional divers to keep you safe. It’s not the only distinct sea creature you’ll see though. Your dive will be full of peculiar creatures, like octopuses and sea cows.

Luxuriate in the local atmosphere of Safaga

It’s time you buy yourself a little reminder of the city! Head to Safaga’s old market to find all the local souvenirs and gifts. Breathe the aroma of the local air as you roam the streets and please your ears with Egyptian music. Don’t forget to pass by the grand mosque of the city for a fully local experience. The beautifully built mosque is an important center of attraction for Muslims. It’s adorned with a tall tower from which the prayers travel through the city.
Egypt is home to prominent culture and natural beauty wherever you look. And, Safaga is a treasure hidden in its folds! Escape the noise of the city and chill in the serene vibes of Safaga. Isn’t it time you take a break and come to Safaga?!