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Best Cafes in Egypt

Do we live to eat or eat to live? Whatever your answer is, you can’t reject a savoring plate full of goodies waiting to be devoured! Egypt offers a variety of delightful cafes and restaurants that match any budget and taste. Whether you’re a local or a tourist roaming the Egyptian lands, you’ll find a place to dine in. So, gather your friends and let’s get to know the best places in Egypt!

Naguib Mahfouz Café

Best Cafes in Egypt

Visit Naguib Mahfouz café in Khan El-Khalili and lose yourself in a cultural atmosphere filled with authenticity and amusement. Enjoy the sound of the gentle Egyptian melodies and the aroma of the delicious food stuffing the air! The café is your relaxation hub after roaming the cramped street of Khan EL-Khalili and shopping its antiques. A brilliant experience, the main highlight of the reviews given to the place!

Location: 5 El-Baddistan Lane Khan el-Khalili, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: The place specialties and baklava


Garden Promenade Café 

  Best Cafes in Egypt

Spend your day in sensational vibes, surrounded by lovely greenery! The Garden Promenade Café should be the first choice to come to mind whenever the weather is pleasant and cool. The place depicts a European atmosphere with its dazzling Roman-like statues and fountains adorning the area. Adequate prices and good-quality foods are eagerly waiting for visitors, offering an exceptional experience!

Location: 16 Saray El-Gezira Street, Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, Cairo Egypt

Must-Try: Pizzas


Hookah Lounge

 Best Cafes in Egypt

For some oriental delight, hang out in the Hookah lounge! Hookah is known for bringing a joy-filled atmosphere with the smoke of the Shisha lingering in the air. If you’re a shisha person, then passing by Hookah Lounge is a must for you. Don’t worry though if you’re not! The lounge offers a variety of toothsome foods and tasty drinks to cheer you up. With its impressive indoor and outdoor dining areas, Hookah makes sure to cover all your moods!

Location: 116 Merghani Street, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Pizzas & Shisha


El Fishawi

 Best Cafes in Egypt

With a soul of its own, El-Fishawi’s air is filled with mysticism and charm! The café in the ancient narrow streets of Egypt isn’t a fancy one. Yet, the place will steal your heart once you step foot inside. A traditional café, El-Fishawi is your stop to drink some red tea and eat a finger-licking dish of Roz Be-Laban! Fly to a different universe with the melodies of Oum Kalthoum and Abdel Halim Hafez filling the air. Enjoy a cultural encounter with locals and tourists relaxing at the place.

Location: Midan Hussein, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Arabic coffee and tea



 Best Cafes in Egypt

Some trend and modernity won’t hurt anybody! Ovio awaits you with its outstanding menu and cozy setting. The charismatic café is among the best choices to start your day bright and deliciously! The little café offers a variety of yummy breakfast dishes, healthy and filling. Not a morning person? Ovio has got you covered any time of the day.

Location: New Cairo, Cairo Festival City Mall, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Pancakes


El Qahwa Khan

 Best Cafes in Egypt

Chill out and grab a quick flavorsome lunch! El Qahwa Khan is a hidden gem that rewards its visitors with easy, cheerful vibes, and outstanding food. Drop by the café and enjoy your time with the friendly staff and their great services. The interior of the place gives away a vintage feeling with its colorful, wooden seats, and arabesque windows. Grab your coffee and finish all your stacked work in a peaceful atmosphere! 

Location: 25 Orabi St. In front of the British club, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Sweet treats


Simonds Bakery and café

 Best Cafes in Egypt

What’s better than a good croissant on the go? Simonds has been around for ages, being an Egyptian trademark among bakeries. Fresh and fluffy, the baked goodies of Simonds are! The café takes you on a trip to Paris, with its tasteful food, while remaining on the Egyptian lands. Complete the charming package with a caffeine doze to freshen you up!

Location: 29 Shreif Basha St., Abdeen, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Chocolate croissant 


Antique Khan

 Best Cafes in Egypt

Who won’t expect a place named Antique Khan to be full of classical vibes? Lift your mood and visit Antique Khan with its aesthetic decorations and unique spirit. Hidden away from the cramming noises of the city, the place is perfect for finishing work or doing some studying. Grab a bite or a drink as the place offers a full menu to choose from! For antique lovers, you can shop the charming collection displayed at the best prices.

Location: 8 Brazil Street Zamalek, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Crème Brule


Espresso Lab

 Best Cafes in Egypt

Gather around, caffeine addicts! Espresso Lab is your chance to indulge in a coffee-filled aroma and wake your body with the best coffee. The lab is where you can find a variety of tempting coffees made especially for you. Feeling a bit hungry? Grab a cold sandwich or a croissant with your drink along with other options to choose from.

Location: 90 Road Point 90 Mall, Cairo 11511 Egypt

Must-Try: Filtered Coffee


The platform

  Best Cafes in Egypt

Please your eyes and stomach all at once! The platform is a collective restaurant and cafe area stretching on the shore of the Nile River. Offering a wide variety of cafes to choose from, the platform is your destination to either enjoy a delicious meal or just have a drink. Gather your friends for a fun day with the pleasant sight of dusk reflecting on the clear river water.

Location: 12/8 Corniche El Maadi, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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