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Egypt Dream Tour: The Best Tourist Destination in the Sinai Peninsula

If you love traveling, you must love exploring different parts of the world. Different places have distinct features that attract the attention of tourists. One of them is Egypt. A trip to Egypt can be the situation of dreams coming true for you. There are several places where you can make Tours of Egypt. Apart from the most popular Egyptian pyramids, there are hosts of additional attractions in this country. If you have completed touring the Pyramids and explored the wonders of the Nile cruise, it is time to go to the Sinai Peninsula. This is also a famous destination in the country, and you will love visiting this place.

Get Complete Travel Information


Before visiting any place, it is obvious that you will acquire the essential travel information. You can expect to get the most accurate and authentic information from us at Ask Aladdin. We are sure that you will explore lots of information about the place before finalizing your decision to visit Mt. Sinai. This destination has a charming appeal that draws the attraction of large numbers of people from far and wide. Mount Sinai is the name of a collection of peaks, also referred to as holy mountains.

The Peak of Mt. Sinai


The peak of the mount is easily accessible through staircases. At the summit, you will find the Chapel of the Holy Trinity. Apart from that, the breathtaking view that you will get from the top cannot be described in words. The peak is also associated with a religious significance to Islam. It is said that the prophet ascended to this peak from heaven. You can also experience the wonders of St. Catherine’s monastery, which is a unique place in the Sinai. The Blue Valley or Blue Desert is also remarkable and you can easily reach it by car along the tracks.

Beautiful Southern Part


If you keep Sinai as a destination in your Tours for Egypt, you can be assured that you will love the overall region. However, we claim that the southern part of the peninsula is more beautiful, appealing, and attractive. It is adorned with exquisite coral reefs. It also has some of the best and most promising diving spots in the world. There are several cities worth visiting here, including The City of Sharm El-Sheik, the City of Nuweiba, the City of Taba, etc. Each city has something in store for you.

Plan Your Tour

Now that you have acquired much information on Sinai, you can start planning for the Tours to Egypt. We can help you make a plan, and we will conduct the entire tour smoothly and flexibly. We also offer options for customization. Therefore, you are free to specify your requirements and preferences to us, and we will make the necessary arrangements accordingly. We will also share lots of fascinating travel tips with you so that the tour becomes an unforgettable experience for you.