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If your vacations are on the way and you are finding it difficult to choose a marvelous location to enjoy your holidays, then this piece of writing will certainly prove very helpful for you.  For so many years now, travelers have made the pilgrimage to Egypt.  This country is famous for history, romance, adventure, and mystery. Egypt is a land that entices and captivates a person with its ancient structures and culture.

The Ancient monuments in Egypt are still standing strong from where they watch the water of the Nile river flow. You can enjoy Egypt Travel Packages which provides tantalizing packages which will make your trip unforgettable.

Must-Visit Places in Egypt

Egypt is full of natural beauty, from the magnificent rocks to the river Nile, one cannot afford to miss a single place to explore. If you are also planning to buy enjoy Egypt Travel Packages, then make sure that the packages these must-visit places in the list:

Giza - The Pyramid and the Sphinx


This place is Egypt’s most popular and most visited tourist place and you cannot just afford to miss it. This is the most ancient structure of the ancient world, which was said to be built 4600 years ago. The magnificence of the place will make you fall in love with it.

Most of the Pyramids of Giza are lit up at night without any exception.  A camel or horse ride to the hill can make you see the pyramids and the area around them.

Aswan Market


If you are a person who loves to do a lot of shopping, then the Aswan market is a must-visit place for you. The ambiance of this place is so marvelous that it will make you feel delighted by exploring this market.

This market has many great bargains so before you decide to purchase any particular thing, it is recommended to haggle over the price as the amount told by the shopkeepers is way too above as compared to the actual cost of a product.

The local shops in this market are very popular for souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing as well.

The Egyptian Museum


If you love history and want to know about it in-depth, then missing this museum will be a blunder for you.  The museum is located in the area of Cairo and there is the world’s largest collection of the artifacts of Egypt. The items curated in this museum are over 100,000 and this date back to 3500 BC.  A whole day is required to explore this museum fully.

Apart from these places, Egypt has many things to explore, tourists from all over the globe come to explore the great ancient history and the infrastructure of this country. If your vacation is also on the way, then you can get in touch with Ask Aladin as they are the best tour provider for Egypt tours. They provide different packages from which a person can choose as per his interest or wish. Happy Vacations.

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