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Discover the Enigmatic Beauty of Faraskur

Faraskur is a city that had been influenced by the major incidents that took place in Egypt. It once belonged to Dakahlia Governorate. Yet, the 1952 revolution had it changed. It belongs now to Damietta Governorate.

The Battle of Faraskur

The city witnessed a grave battle, where the Egyptian army fought courageously against the French enemy. Now, lend me your ears for a story to be told! The Faraskur battle took place in the Ayyubid Dynasty led by Sultan Turanshah. It was the last major battle of the Seventh Crusade led by King Louis IX of France. The Egyptian army showed resilience and persistence in their fight, while King Louis IX wasn’t up to the task. He was attacked by the Egyptians’ Greek fires method. Devastated by the results, the French army lost hope and surrendered. Leaving the gold medal to Faraskur as the winning party! Doesn’t Faraskur set a good example in perseverance?

Music Linger through the air in Faraskur

The story of Faraskur doesn’t end here! It’s the birthplace of the famous Egyptian composer Riad Al-Sunbati. An iconic contributor to 20th-century music! He is known for his songs with the outstanding Umm Kulthum, including Ala Balad El-Mahboub and Ifrah ya Aalbi.

Spend the day by the Nile

Bring your fishing rod and the bait! It’s time to hang with the locals at the charming Nile River. Faraskur’s residents are known for how friendly and welcoming they are, so let’s go for a fun fishing trip with them. Spend your morning fishing for your tasty lunch, and enjoy the evening sun glittering over the Nile. Relax with the greenery surrounding the Nile shore.