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For safe travel, you must collect a perfect visa for Egypt

Egypt is a country full of charm where mysterious pyramids and ancient mummies attract millions of travelers and tourists to its beauty each year. The place is well known as “Misr”, its civilization, culture, wealth, secrets, and hidden treasures are the most prehistoric and enigmatic things which an explorer will want to watch and understand. Egypt is not just confined to pyramids, The Nile River, tombs, and temples are also a great attraction point. In Egypt, each year usually 14 million tourist visit there. Misr’s charm does not fade with the civil and political demonstrations as people still choose this place for an enjoyable vacation.

Nile cruise | visa for Egypt

All the travelers who are going to enjoy vacations in Egypt must need a visa as well as a passport. The nationality of a traveler decides the Egypt travel visa process. You need to follow some simple steps to get an Egypt travel visa which are as follows:

1. Apply for the passport

To apply for a passport, you have to go to the government office or local post office. Submit documents like identification proofs, birth certificates, and application forms. You should apply a few months ago before a vacation.

2. Apply for an Egypt travel visa at Egypt Airport

You can apply for a travel visa upon entry through Egyptian Airport if you are a citizen of countries like Canada, Serbia, Australia, Croatia, Norway, Japan, the United Kingdom, Macedonia, Ukraine, or any country that is a member of the European Union.

On reaching Egyptian Airport, you need to apply for an Egypt travel visa along with your personal information, passport information, and all the details about your travel schedule. You have to pay some amount and your visa will be valid for 30 days to travel to Egypt.

Giza pyramid | visa for Egypt

3. Apply for a Tourist Visa

If your country is not a member of the European Union then, you need to apply for a travel visa from an Egyptian Consulate. Apply for the same in advance if you don’t want hurdles in smooth traveling.

You can apply for an Egypt travel visa from the consulate either by mail or by meeting face to face. You should offer him 7 to 8 days for visa processing. You need to submit 2 passport photos, a passport, and a Xerox copy of an airplane ticket which is assumed to be proof of your arrival in the country within a month. If you submit them all, then you will get your visa done along with your photo which is valid for the next 6 months. It might be possible that some other documents are also needed, submit them if they asked for them.

4. Clearance procedure

This procedure will take about 6 weeks that must be completed before the visa is processed. You need to submit 2 copies of travel documents, 2 passport photos, 2 copies of your visa application, and 2 copies of your passport.

Clearance is required for some countries only like Iran, Morocco, Eritrea, Chad, Sierra, Iraq, and some others too.

I hope this will help you in smooth traveling in Egypt.

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