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Health concerns and tips to follow while traveling to Egypt

The Mediterranean country Egypt island of charm, charisma, and enchantment. The exotic beauty of Egypt and the beautiful Nile flowing through is just beyond any comparison. You will be transformed totally into a different Era when you visit Egypt. You will be awestruck by its beauty and fusion of conservative and modern looks. The iconic monuments like Gaza Necropolis, Great Sphinx, ruins of Memphis, valleys of the Kings and the valleys of the Queen, the beautiful cruises along the Nile, the old temples carved in the mountains, museums, and white dessert are just a few places to name, which will enthrall you when you visit Egypt. Best time to visit Egypt is from October to May since the weather is pleasant then and you can enjoy your tour.

Take care of your health when visiting Egypt


If you want to enjoy your trip to Egypt fully, take care of your health since it will be a new environment and change for you. Just remember points and make your trip safe, healthy, and enjoyable. These are a few of the health concerns when traveling in Egypt.
- First and foremost, you should avoid drinking tap water. Though it is not contaminated and safe for baths and brushing, you should avoid drinking it. Try to drink bottled water as much as possible.
- Try to drink as much water as possible. Since Egypt is a hot country, you may become dehydrated while touring the whole day, so to be safe, drink as much bottled water as possible.
- Avoid overeating food. Visiting a new place with a different cuisine may tempt you to overeat. The food in Egypt is rich and unique to your palette, so it is better to maintain your limit and taste all you want in a limited quantity.
- It is best to avoid selling local food in an open area. It is very unsafe to eat uncovered food anywhere you go for a tour.
- Some tourists are advised by their doctors to take malaria medicine since Egypt lies in some parts of Africa. But the truth is Egypt has been free from malaria for many years. You may fall sick with taking the malaria medicines unnecessarily as they may cause diarrhea.
- Last but not least, precaution is to take care of sudden temperature changes. People tend to switch on the air conditioners as soon as they come to their restrooms after a whole day’s tour. This sudden change in temperature from hot to cold is very harmful to your health and tends to make you sick.
Stay healthy and fit, and enjoy a good Egypt tour!