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How to get to Egypt?


Egypt is a North African country, connected to Asia via the Sinai Peninsula. It is a very beautiful country and thrives on the tourism industry. The ancient country is famous for breathtaking monuments like the Great Sphinx, The Pyramids of Giza, the Valleys of the Kings and the Queens Etc. and many other tourist attractions. Anybody traveling to Egypt is required to have a passport and a visa. The issuance of a tourist visa will depend upon your country of nationality and how and from where you decide to enter Egypt. Your visa should be valid for at least six months. It is better to go to Egypt with a visa issued from your own country. Nationals of some countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Macedonia, Serbia, Korea,  Croatia, Norway, Georgia, Ukraine, and some other countries can apply for a tourist visa when entering through an Egyptian airport at Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Luxor, and Sharm El Sheikh. One needs to provide personal information, travel plans, and passport information, and a nominal fee for the same. This visa is valid for 3 months.

Reaching Egypt via air

The major airports of Egypt are Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, and Hurghada, which are well-connected to many places across the globe and have direct and regular flights. The national airline of Egypt is Egypt Air which links major places like the UK, Thailand, Malaysia, and India to Egypt. Various other airlines like KLM, Air France, British Airways, etc are also regular. To facilitate the tourists, the domestic network is well connected to all major cities and airways are the safest, fastest, and preferred way to travel to Egypt.

Other Means of Transportation

Since Egypt is not linked to other parts of the world via railways, waterways, or roadways, these modes of transport are not feasible for tourists from across the globe. At the most tourists from some nearby neighboring countries may travel to Egypt via railways or roadways or waterways that too with proper documents and permission.

When to visit Egypt

It is advisable to visit Egypt during a pleasant season since it is a very hot country. The most suitable time to visit Egypt is from November to March. At this time the weather is moderate for sightseeing. People aiming for water activities may find the water a little cold, but that too will be better than visiting Egypt during summers in the scorching heat, when the temperature may touch 50° Centigrade.

Egyptian Tours

There are various dependable and economical tour operators for guided tours to the Sphinx and other ancient monuments, Nile cruises, Safaris, White desert Safaris, water activities, etc. Group tours are safer and work out to be economical. Egypt is a very safe tourist destination and people are very friendly and pleasant. Tourists should keep certain things in mind like; Sanctity of all sacred places should be maintained while visiting them. Just keep in mind to respect the people and culture of the places you are visiting and follow all the rules and regulations laid down.

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