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Is it safe to travel to Egypt as a woman: 5 tips 

Egypt is a country known for its culture, art, and civilization. An authentic experience that should not be missed. But, as a solo female traveler, you may be a bit worried about safety. There’s actually nothing to worry about here! Egypt is a very safe country known for how friendly the civilians are. All you need is some instructions to follow and you’ll be safe.
Here are some instructions for a safe stay as a woman going to Egypt alone:

Know your destination

Is it safe to travel to Egypt as a woman: 5 tips – Askaladdin

Searching about the places you’re visiting is the key to a safe trip. Surf the internet on how to get there and what are the best times to visit. And, what better friend than Google Maps to accompany you? One that makes sure you won’t get lost and get to your destination safe and sound. Avoid the hassle of choosing between areas that convey danger to you and opt for a safer destination. Always trust your instincts!
For a sociable encounter, you can join tour groups. Not only will they accompany you for a safer tour, but also you’ll get to know more information through your tour guide.

Dress accordingly

Is it safe to travel to Egypt as a woman: 5 tips – Askaladdin

Cultural differences widen your perspective about the world around you. In Egypt, it’s more likely to dress conservatively. Unless you’re on the beach, it’s better to wear clothes that are modest. Bringing a small scarf while touring would also be great. The reason for that is if you visit any mosque, you’ll need to put a scarf on your head to respect the holy sites.
Won’t that add a vintage 60s charm to your look?

Know about price range

Is it safe to travel to Egypt as a woman: 5 tips – Askaladdin

As a woman visiting Cairo alone, you’ll want to avoid any scammers. Do your homework beforehand and poke around about the normal price range in the city. That way, you can buy all the souvenirs you want and bring a glimpse of the city back with you. It will be easy to ask about public transportations prices as they are fixed ones. Know your money value! Inquire about the currency rate with respect to the Egyptian pound so no one would scam you.

Reject unwanted attention

Is it safe to travel to Egypt as a woman: 5 tips – Askaladdin

Egyptians are known for being friendly and helpful. But, as a woman visiting Egypt alone, you may feel harassed by some actions. Don’t feel afraid to reject unwanted attention. If someone offers undesirable help, you could either just walk away or say no. You could even yell at them saying “stop” if they’re being too clingy or bothersome. This is unlikely to happen with you and it’s all just precautions for your safety. Egyptians will at most times try their best to make you feel welcomed. Now, pack your luggage and leave your worry behind!

Transportation tips

Moving around is an essential part of a tourist’s life. First, you have public transportation including the subway, busses, and taxis. When riding the subway, you’ll find certain carriages for women only for a more comfortable ride.
When it comes to buses, they are numbered but the destinations on them are written in Arabic. A mini-notebook will come in handy now. List down the number of buses that will take you to your destination. For a full experience, why don’t you learn some Arabic? Know the names of the places you’re visiting in case you needed to ask. When riding taxis or private cars, you should sit in the back seat which is a normal thing in Egypt. You could also go for services like Uber and Careem by downloading their apps and making your request.
All in all, abiding by those instructions will ensure you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Egypt. It’s not hard to adapt to Egyptians. All you have to do is to familiarize yourself with their culture for a full Egyptian experience. So, buckle up and enjoy your stay in Egypt!

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