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10 Most Haunted Places in Egypt

Have you ever felt that you’re being watched, hear strange voices, or feel a scary touch when no one is around?! If you’re one of these people that get excited at the mention of ghosts and paranormal experiences, keep reading! Whether you admit it or not, a part of you gets excited when hearing a horror story. But, not when you’re the hero of the story. From ancient necropoleis and haunted buildings to dangerous roads, Egypt has its fair share of strange accidents and spookiness. Now, that I’ve your attention, check out the 10 most haunted places in Egypt

1. Giza Pyramids


Being a prominent landmark, you can never expect that the Great Pyramids of Giza are among the famous haunted places in Egypt. Many people claimed to see ghostly apparitions and walking supernaturals around the pyramids. Others have stated seeing historical pharaohs and people from the ancient eras. Also, the residents of the nearby neighborhood stated they could hear screaming voices, forcing them to leave the area. However, no tourists have claimed to see ghosts during their visit to the pyramids or even inside one of them. Maybe, some souls still linger in the place, or is it the Pharaohs’ curse? – Strange, but who knows?!

2. Valley of the Kings


Considered the largest open-air museum, Valley of the Kings is Egypt’s most spectacular attraction with no equal. Can you believe that this tourist attraction is the biggest spooky spot in Egypt? – Housing tombs of kings and ancient Pharaohs, it is easy to see why. Many people have reported seeing ghosts of Pharaohs and eerie floating ghosts, roaming the area. If you intend to visit the striking city of Luxor, watch out for the wandering Pharaohs. 

3. Farafra Desert


The imposing Farafra Desert has remarkable cultural and natural elements, attracting people from all over the world. Many people and travelers reported seeing the ghost of Akhenaten, wandering the vast desert. Akhenaten was the king of ancient Egypt during the 18th dynasty and he brought new rules and faith to his land. Consequently, the priests were mad at him. So, they cursed him to roam the desert endlessly upon his death. As a paranormal seeker, it is really thrilling to catch up with King Akhenaten as you travel through the desert, isn’t it?

4. Baron Palace


Of course, you will recognize the famous Baron Palace, the Indian-inspired architectural wonder! On mentioning Egypt’s haunted spots, we can’t forget this prominent, yet most haunted house. The palace gradually gained its evil; reputation when people started hearing screams and arguments. Others could see floating spirits, lights flickering, fires, and ghostly apparitions. In the past, the Baron’s wife or sister was killed in the palace in strange circumstances. No one has ever known what happened exactly. Some rumors have claimed that the Baron was the one who killed her. But, who knows?! Also, in the 90s, some Satan worshippers used to practice black magic and sacrifices as part of their rituals. It is no surprise that there are angry spirits still lingering in the place. The palace is now open for the public to visit, but would you dare go there? 

5. Dahshor Pyramid


Dahshor houses a royal necropolis, with magnificent pyramids that attract tourists from all over the world. However, this historical spot is known for bizarre occurrences and spooky experiences. People claimed hearing gunshots, echoing throughout the area although there was no nearby training. According to a belief, a few soldiers who died in the past during military training are still wandering the area. Such a mystery!

6. El Sherifa Dina road


Another famous spooky spot, a house lying in El Sherifa Dina road is one of Egypt’s most haunted places. People claimed that a girl fell off the terrace and immediately lost her life years ago. The residents have witnessed her presence, playing with her toys. Others claimed that her ghost has been roaming the area, sometimes crying or screaming, since then.  

7. Roshdy Building


Roshdy Building is one of Egypt’s most haunted places, connected with eerie incidents and spooky experiences. If you ever visit Alexandria, you’ll definitely pass by the 50-year-old building. As you come closer, you can see a warning sign, saying “Don’t come close or enter.” The residents claimed they heard people screaming in pain, while others saw blood rushing out of their taps. According to an ancient story, the builder of this site used to torture the laborers working there. While other rumors stated that a construction worker cursed the building after an argument with the owner. If you’re looking for a spooky adventure, this place is the one for you!

8. Helwan Hospital


Another haunted place in Egypt, the former palace was the residence place of King Farouk’s family. Later on, it became a morgue for the royal family upon their death. Rumors have been circulating the building since then. Many people claimed to hear scary noises, with lights turned on and off. If seeing floating ghosts isn’t enough to scare your off, the creepy voices will make your heart stop beating. If you’re passing by this place, just RUN! 

9. Wady El Natroon Highway


Wady El Natroon Highway is one of the most dangerous and haunted routes in Egypt, with numerous mysterious accidents. Aside from the strange accidents, the traveler reported seeing ghosts roaming the area at night. Others claimed that ghosts would suddenly appear next to their cars and run at exactly the same speed. In another bizarre incident, some drivers claimed to hit someone, realizing afterward no one was there. Wait, what?!

10. Villa of Ezzat Abou Ouf


Ezzat Abou Ouf is a well-known famous actor, whose villa has earned a spooky reputation over the years. During his parties and gathering, his guests often see the ghost of an old man holding a lamp. Although his ghost seems harmless, his presence is enough to make your blood run cold. A rumor has stated that this old man was the previous owner of the villa. The place is abandoned. It looks like the old man is the only resident now. But, the place is for sale on the market if you’re interested! 

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