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Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Sharm El-Sheikh welcomes you on board for an unforgettable vacation! A strategic location with a view has made Sharm El-Sheikh a favored destination for adventure seekers. It’s situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula along the coast of the Red Sea. Visitors can find many interesting activities that suit every taste and budget. Name it and you shall have it! Whether it is diving, snorkeling, or even climbing, and camping, everything is at the palm of your hands in Sharm El-Sheikh.
Now let’s start exploring the astonishing sites of the city:

Ras Mohamed National Park

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Prepare yourself to be dazzled by the underwater world of the Red Sea! As a diver, Ras Mohamed offers different, breathtaking beaches. So, let us dive into the Jolanda Reef! Deep down there lies the wreck of the Jolanda, an old cargo ship that was grounded by the reef. More than that, you get to watch the dancing fish swirl through the rooms of the Jolanda. What a cinematic view! For a more thrilling dive, look for the underwater caves created by earthquakes. Swim beside the cracked ground and reminisce over history’s impact on the land.
Is diving a reckless choice for you? You still won’t be deprived of the water wonders in Ras Mohamed. Stay on the shallow waters and go snorkeling.  A safer option for a rewarding scene of the coral reefs and the fish. Enjoy your time in every possible way and indulge in the sea's exotic life.
With our feet on the ground now, let’s explore the other marvels of the Park. Get ready for a horror movie-like experience with one of the largest mangrove forests existing. The tangling roots of the mangroves create a network of their own. Their roots stretch from the water soil to reach the top unfolding a tree. With such nature, they’re home to many underwater species. Do you think that Ras Mohamed’s trip ends here? Well, no! Let’s look for the 40-meter-long crack on the Earth’s surface created by ancient earthquakes. It’s not the only one you’ll see but definitely the largest!
For a vantage point, head to the Shark Observatory. Standing on the cliff top, you will be situated at the V-shaped area on Egypt’s map. So, expect to spot the great straits of Tiran and Gubal stretching on both sides. It’s unlikely to spot a shark there though. But, who knows? You could be the lucky one!

More Diving!

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Sharm El-Sheikh is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. It offers them various destinations to enjoy the underwater wonders of the Red Sea. Why don’t we go for a swim around those sites?

Thistlegorm Dive Site

Sleep tight the night before as you’ll have a fun long day ahead! Most tours to the Thistlegorm either offer a day trip or you could spend the night there. This diving site brings you back in time. A chance to re-live WW2 and roam in one of the cargo ships filled with supplies to the troops. Well, it seems that the troops didn’t get what they were waiting for! Fish now hover through the wreck, enjoying their time among the Jeeps and motorbikes in the ship. Why don’t you join the fish for a fun dive?

Dunraven Dive Site

More wreck never seems to bother anyone! This time though, you’re promised to see groups of fleeting fish while watching the sunken ship of the Dunraven. The wreck this time is of a torn ship lying down on the seafloor. It has hit the reef and sunken at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Down there, you can spot a unique collection of cardinal, scorpion, and goatfish, along with moray eels.

Thomas Reef Dive Site

Prepare yourself for a vibrant dive like no other! Your dive in the Thomas Reef will be filled with the sight of colorful fish fluttering through the water. The spectacular corals under there won’t disappoint either. You’ll enjoy every aspect of your dive. Thomas Reef is one of the rich areas full of life. A Red Sea dive that should not be missed.

Gardens Reef

Who wouldn’t want a swim in the colorful gardens of the sea? The Garden Reef gives you a chance to snorkel near the shore. Its reefs stretch out just offshore with diving sites of Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden. You can opt for a snorkeling experience in the Near Garden or go a bit deeper into the others. All in all, you’ll get to watch the clownfish and butterflyfish swimming through the amazing coral pinnacles.
There’s a chance for you to see all those forms of life without getting your feet wet. No need to worry if you’re not a water person. Book a glass boat tour and enjoy your time with your head above the water.
The Red Sea’s amazing world will make sure you have no time to feel bored. So, plan your dives and seize the opportunity while you can.
Who knows, you may run into Nemo and Dory in your dive!    

An action-packed day at the Colored Canyon

It’s time to use our feet for a hike rather than a swim! And, for the adventurous souls seeking to get their pulse racing, this trip is for you. The Colored Canyon earned its name owing to the oxidized minerals layering its surface. Red and orange-colored rocks sparkle under the sun rays. The perfect place for an Instagram photo! Please your eyes with this natural wonder and explore the bizarrely shaped pinnacles and boulders. The canyon stretches for 800 meters with a depth of 30 meters. Prepare yourself for a sore fun!

Sunbath at Naama Bay

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

It’s beach day! Enjoy the sandy-bliss all day at Naama Bay, adorned with the dancing leaves of the palm trees. The bay is one of the main resorts in Sharm El-Sheikh. It’s a must-go-to destination if you are looking for an eye-catchy tan. The beach provides all the facilities you need including restaurants, cafes, and souvenir stores. Why don’t you catch a glimpse of the city to remind you of its essence? Spend the whole day there and immerse yourself in its tranquil vibes.   

A Bedouin day at Dahab

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Let’s complement the trip with a camel ride at the fascinating beaches of Dahab! Enjoy the company of the little Bedouin girls selling their crafts customized to your taste. On the beaches of Dahab, you get to indulge in the Bedouin traditions for a cultural view of the city. Explore the golden sandy deserts on your beach buggy for a thrilling end to your day.
For an adrenaline rush, let’s go for a dive at the Blue Hole! The sinkhole stands as a favorable site to all the divers. Whether you’re an experienced diver or an amateur, you’ll be stunned by the enchanting diving spot. You could even go snorkeling and get stunned by the exquisite sea that unfolds in front of you.  The hole has been deemed dangerous by some as it digs deep down in the sea. You also have to follow a certain route so you won’t get lost there. But, a sensible and cautious diver won’t face anything but beautiful fish in the hole.

A walk-in history at St. Catherine's Monastery

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Why don’t you change the view now with mountains rather than beaches? The significant St. Catharine’s Monastery lies at the foot of Mt. Saini. It is said to be where Moses received the ten commandments, making it one of the world’s oldest monasteries. Head for a religious atmosphere with the ancient manuscripts preserved there. The museum of the monastery also showcases a collection of religious icons. For history lovers, this destination is a must-go!

Climbing time at Mt. Sinai

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Head for the stars! Prepare yourself for a long-distance hike to the top. The mountain includes two climbing phases. First, you ascend the Camel Trail, a paved path for an easy hike. You can even ride a camel to take you up if you’re feeling a bit tired. Here comes the harder part, the Steps of Repentance! They are stone-cut steps as ancient as time, carved by one of the monastery’s monks. Don’t give up now, you’re almost there! The mountain will reward you with a magical scene of twilight gradient colors. You’ll probably start your hike under the moonlight to reach the top at dawn time. That day trip at most times includes a visit to the St. Catherine Monastery for a full experience of the area.

Vibrant Nightlife

Sharm El-Sheikh: A City That Suits All Tastes

Spend your night roaming the lively streets of Sharm El-Shiekh! You can visit the Old Market for a more local atmosphere. The Market is packed with shops that offer you crafted souvenirs. Immortalize your trip and take part of the city back home with you! You can even spend the whole evening there as the place has all the restaurants and cafes to dine in. It’s time to try some Egyptian food!
For a more elevated time, Soho Square is your attractive target. Hit the city’s entertainment center and let the night begin! Enjoy the city’s buzzing life at the square and dine at the finest restaurants in the area. With their international cuisine, the stylish restaurants offer you a new flavorsome taste. Get ready to spend money! The square is equipped with high-class shops that will cater to all age groups. Watch as the dancing fountain comes to life when the music and lights strike the air. Soho Square is an international replica of the world’s combined cultures, offering the chance to experience a lot all at once. So, save time for Soho and enjoy your journey around the world!

Ready to go!

The city of peace never seems to disappoint! In its own way, Sharm El-Sheikh has provided you with a top-notch holiday. One filled with activities that will give you a story to tell and photos to back you up. Have you packed your bag yet?!