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Siwa Oasis, The hidden treasure!

Siwa Oasis lies between the Qattara Depression and the massive Sand Sea, specifically in the western desert. Berbers inhabit it. No monuments were found to tell us more about its history; however, we know it was a part of the Egyptian Empire thousands of years ago. It was colonized by Ramses the Third during the ancient Egyptian’s time.
Let’s walk on the golden sand and discover its landmarks together.

Did you know that Siwa Oasis has such magnificent healing spots?

The Egyptian desert has never failed to surprise us. Besides the outstanding view, you can also experience the physical therapy nature represents! Breathe among the warm mud when it covers your body, allowing it to do its magic! Feel the volcanic water coming straight from Mother Earth specifically to relax your body! Siwa’s healing nature is the best in easing your pain in various conditions such as Sinus, Skin, and Eye problems.

Do you want to feast on a Bedouin night? 

What a tradition they have! Each moon night in October, the Swans gather around a circle in the act of Zikr. No matter their social standards, they festive together, eat, pray, and declare their desire to keep their friendship flowing forever!

Now, what about laying your eyes on the Salty Fortress?

Of course, we mean the Fortress of Shali. It was built on a hill shaped like a mud maze and protected behind large gates. But let us first answer your question: it’s made of a mixture of salt and mud! 
Have some steps above! We now can feel the glory of the old mosque, another fabulous form of mud and salt. What’s different about it is its excellent structure. Its minaret is shaped like a chimney, leaving us breathless at the sight.
While enjoying the outstanding view from over here, let us recite the tale of The Salty Fortress! Once upon a time, it was a court where people witnessed several Trials. They also took it as a shelter. The Fortress continued its generosity and became a place for animals to stay at night, even after its destruction! Yes, dear reader, unfortunately, the salty castle wasn’t meant to last forever! They thought that vast chunks of salt would make its walls stronger. But that didn’t help but make it worse than the most potent enemies! It collapsed on the first interaction with the non-stopping rain.

Ready to rest your eyes on the Tomb of Si-Amun!

On the top of Gabel el Madina, you’re promised to see the best paintings that ever existed. The colored Greek landowner and the face of the sky goddess “Nut” will welcome you once you arrive there. 
Did you know the legend behind the Temple of Oracles?
Go back in time as you climb the ancient steps to the temple and feel the history transfer you to another era! On Gabel el Madina, an impressive Temple called the Temple of Oracles was built. Nowadays, it’s about to disappear! But it left us a memory that survived through many years! The temple was built to worship “Jupiter Ammon.” That may sound like a regular story. But the fact that the temple gained importance upon the arrival of Alexander the Great made it quite a legend! They then believed that he was the Son of God, “Ammon”! People made the previously constructed temple as a gift to express their love to “The Great” and his “God” father! 

Let’s have a car ride to a naturally built pool!

Through a narrow bridge, reach the colored spot, where Falnas Spring exploded among Siwa desert! Enjoy the magnificent view while taking your snack, or seize the opportunity to take memories recorded by pictures. 
That’s not it! From the temple of Oracles, take a walk to the purest water among the sand of Siwa! Cast your eyes on the breathtaking sight of Cleopatra Spring! Just imagine the crystalline water sparkling over the golden sand! With your partner, you’re promised the most outstanding sunset experience you’ll ever have! 

Do you have the courage to try something different?

It is worth the visit! Far from the typical trips, Siwa is the desired spot to experience new adventures! You'll definitely enjoy your time with its various places that meet every need. In plenty of ways, Siwa CAN make you memories of a lifetime!