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Know More About your trip before visiting Egypt 


In 2000, it was 5.5 million, but in 2013, it is near about 16 million. You might be thinking of what these statics are?! Then I would say that it is the statics of the tourist, visiting Egypt.

Nevertheless, of the numbers, think of the reason, why the people are turning out their holidays in Egypt. The major attractions in the land of a living museum include contrast, modernity, and greenery. It is located in northeastern Africa with its capital city Cairo. The city has a lot to see from ionic pyramids to modern bazaars full of color. Therefore, if you are planning to visit or spend holidays in ancient Egypt then it's better and recommended to fetch all the information regarding the sightseeing places. 

Egypt Tourist Attractions can help you out to visit all the major attractions like:

- Giza: It is the third-largest city in Egypt. It has three ancient structures to see.

The great sphinx of Giza has a sacred structure of a creature with the body of a lion and a human head is a most impressive and oldest monument in the world. Even the three pyramid complexes known as the great pyramids and the last Cairo’s modern tower.

- The Sinai peninsula: is one of the most heavily visited destinations in the world. The natural setting and rich coral reefs drive tourists to visit this place.

The Abu Simbel temple: built during the reign of Pharaoh Rameses || is also a popular tourist destination.

- The Cairo museum and the mosque of Muhammad Ali pasha: have the flora and fauna to attract tourists, as these are evidence of ancient Egyptian cultures.


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