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Wanna live a different Experience in Egypt? Here  are the top activities to do in Egypt in 2021

Running out of ideas for a different day out? Bored with the usual outing with your friends? – It’s time to have a bit of change in your routine. If you feel stuck with your ideas, we’ve come up with the four most interesting activities to do in Egypt in the new year. Are you a sore loser? – Guess we’re about to find out! 

Go Karting| Best Extending Kart Race Tracks in Egypt

3….2….1…. Ready?!
Do you feel extra ecstasy at the striking speeds? Can you feel the thrill when seeing a scaled-down circuit? – If yes, go-karting can be the ideal choice! There is unmatched excitement when the pedal goes to the metal. There is challenge, buzz, fun, laughter, and oh, the smell of rubber! The race is on and the visor goes down! Pure adrenaline starts to pump, tension mounts, and heart rate goes up. Live the fast & Furious four-wheeled adventure and dominate the insanely fast tracks! And, you’re on fire!
You think it is easy and smooth, but you’re fooled. Then, meet the sudden corners, nerve-wrenching turns, ramps, and mysterious split levels. Double the fun when you challenge your friends in an action-packed race. Your mates are right on your tail, so what are you going to do? – Escape the pursuing cars and don’t let them outrun you to the leader boards! 

How can you get to Autovrooom?

If you’re a driving enthusiast, you’re probably frustrated with Egypt’s crowded streets, endless traffic, and flying tuk-tuks. Want to have the road to yourself? - Autovrooom provides this opportunity on a wondrous plate of gold! Autovrooom is the first international professional kart racing, offering a new unmissable experience. With a 700-meter outdoor track, the latest tracking and scoring devices, and safety-regulated karts, Autovrooom has made it to the top go-karting in the world. Hit Street 100 in Al Obour and zoom along at full speed all day long!   

How to book your Kart Race Track rounds with Autovrooom?

In the morning (from 2:30 pm to 6 pm), the entrance ticket will cost you 150 EPG. In the evening (from 6 pm to 12 am), the entrance ticket will cost you 200EPG. And, don’t worry; the track is equipped with a set of floodlights for a perfect view at night. Check all the information on the Facebook page and book upon your arrival.

Before booking:

Before you book, there are certain regulations that you must check beforehand.

  • If you want to race along the outdoor circuit, you must be at least 12 years old. (An ID must be presented).
  • To participate, your weight must be a maximum of 135kg.
  •  Closed-toe shoes are a must and the helmet must be worn all the time.
  • If you want to drive Sodi RT8, the minimum height is 1m 40m.
  • If you’re under 18, your parent or guardian must sign a disclaimer.
  • Presenting a valid ID is a must when registering

Go Karting in Egypt

If you think go-karting is unusual in Egypt, think again! Here is a list of the places that offer this exciting adventure:

  • Autovrooom (Al Obour, Cairo)
  • Gokart Egypt (Cairo, Marsa Alam, & North Coast)
  • International Carting Club (North Coast)
  • MS Racing (Maadi, Cairo)
  • Pharaonic Go – Kart Club (Hurghada)
  • Gokart El Hadaba (Sharm El-Sheikh)
  • Ghibli Raceway International (Sharm El-Sheikh)

Live Epic moments and try Paintball in Egypt

Do you like the thrill of victory? Okay, but can you stand the funny agony of defeat?
Paintball is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities to do in Egypt, boosting your adrenaline rush like nothing else. If you think you have a strong competitive spirit and adventure love, go for it! Do you know how to play Paintball? – With 7 players in each team, Paintball is more like the famous Hide & Seek, but more advanced, challenging, and sophisticated. Each team tries to capture the other team’s flag, protecting their own at the same time using the airgun marker. That’s not it; the players try their best to avoid the bright paint mark. That’s because the marked player is eliminated immediately from the game. Watch out, someone is aiming at you! Ooops! Now, you’re marked!

Is Paintball Safe?

Paintball comes in different, bright colors, including yellow, blue, pink, orange, and more. And, don’t worry; the fill inside isn’t dangerous or toxic and can be rinsed easily out of clothes. For safety, you must wear a facemask, protection suit, gloves, and goggles during the game to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Also, no physical contact is allowed in the field. On firing paintballs, you may feel a slight sting that will quickly fade away. So, it won’t hurt at all. However, it also depends on the ball speed, the shooting distance, and where it hits your body. Overall, Paintball is totally safe, following the rules and regulations. Just don’t let your guard down, squeeze the trigger, and keep an eye for the paintball rain!

Top Providers for Paintball game in Egypt

Now you’re excited! Here is a list of the best places specialized in adrenaline Paintball in Egypt:

  • Park Egypt
  • C.O.D.E Paintball
  • Adrenaline Park
  • Egypt Paintball Academy
  • Pirates Paintball
  • KEE Action Sports Paintball

Before Playing:

Have you planned your team strategy yet?! Check the famous rules of Paintball etiquettes before you go:

  • Safety comes first
  • No blind firing
  • Don’t be a jerk and shoot reasonably
  • Always wear the face mask
  • Raise your hand or say out when you’re eliminated
  • No climbing on top of bunkers
  • No cheating
  • If masks haven’t been worn yet, block all guns with a barrel plug for safety 

Express your anger and destroy all around you at Smash Rooms

Ever wanted to smash something after a long day at work or an argument with your partner?!
Can’t handle the pressure of adult life?
Yes, destruction can be satisfying, fun, or some kind of relieving therapy. Whatever the effect, destroying a room without the hassle of cleaning the mess will leave you with a smile on your face. Gear up, choose your weapon, take out your stress, and enjoy the sheer joy that results from demolishing the room. Smash, bash, break!
Unleashed RIP is the first smash room (rage room) in Egypt. You can destroy anything from cups, computers, furniture, televisions, plates, pottery, and more. You’re not only smashing breakable items, but smash your rage away! It is a great opportunity to release any negative energy and enjoy your time without being judged in a safe environment. Let loose and shatter away your rage on whatever your eyes land on!

Live a Stunning Adventure with Escape Maze Rooms

Do you appreciate a mind-blowing challenge? 
You’re locked inside a room, with no clue how to get out. The clock is ticking. To escape, you and your team must unravel clues, solve puzzles, and get to the next task. Every time you get a hint or reveal a clue, you get excited, and then, find that you have more and more. Lookout; you’re running out of time!
Escape Maze Rooms are probably one of the most exciting live-action activities to do in Egypt. What happens behind the locked doors? - Challenge your mind, summon your wit, test your problem-testing skills, and solve the mystery in time or you’re busted. Try to survive or call it a night! Don’t let the camouflage deceive you; the answer is right in front of your eyes. Are you going to make it to the very last door?! Tick-tock!

Best Escape Rooms in Egypt

Want to satisfy the curious kid inside of you?! – Have a little adventure at one of the thrilling maze rooms and spend a different day away from the buzzing life.

  • Escape Room Egypt (Heliopolis)
  • HintHunt Cairo (Sheraton Al Matar)
  • Cursed Egypt (Nasr City)
  • MindMaze Egypt (Maadi)
  • DeadZone Escape (6 October)
  • Trapped Egypt (New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, & Mohandeseen)
  • Escapers (New Cairo)
  • Decode Egypt (Dokki)
  • Breakout Egypt (New Cairo)