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Top 6 Astounding Attraction Places Of Egypt

Egypt is a country known for being an ancient civilization and for hosting some of the most famous monuments in the history of humankind, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the ancient temples of Luxor, whose origins go back to thousands of years ago. Although most tourists concentrate their trip on the monuments located along the Nile River, the tourist possibilities in Egypt include many other attractions.
Join us on this journey and travel with us to Egypt Tourist Attractions in this country!

Giza Necropolis


Every year most tourist lovers attracts by Egypt’s atmosphere and pyramids are the prominent ones among them. The necropolis of Giza is located in the vicinity of the southwest of Cairo; this is perhaps one of the most famous and oldest places in Egypt and the world. The pyramids, together with the Sphinx at the base of the Giza plateau, are practically part of the iconic image of Egypt. These were built during the command of three generations of pharaohs (Keops, Kefren, and Micerinos). These monuments come together with a series of smaller structures such as driveways, queen pyramids, and temples.

Luxor Karnak Temple and Valley of Kings


The Temple of Karnak is the largest temple in Egypt and remains continues today and is still being rebuilt. The enclosure where it is located measures 2,400 meters of perimeter and is surrounded by an adobe wall of 8 meters of thickness. The Valley of the Kings is located near Luxor and is the place where for 500 years between the XV and X centuries BC, tombs were built for privileged kings and nobles of the New Kingdom. The Valley of the Kings is made of 56 tombs and chambers of different sizes.

Abu Simbel


Also known as the Temple of Ramses II, it was built during the rule of Ramses II. It is considered one of the most famous temples in all Egypt, and together with the temple of Nefertari is part of the Abu Simbel complex. It is located exactly 300 kilometers from the city of Aswan, southern Egypt.

Islamic Cairo


Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the largest and most populous city in the country. It houses important monuments, such as the famous Pyramid of Giza, built with 2 million blocks of limestone. The Sphinx, located just in front of the Great Pyramid is also recommended to visit the Citadel of Saladin, a large stone fortress from which it is possible to appreciate magnificent views of the city.



Aswan, in southern Egypt, is a city that is located near the first Nile waterfall, is more than anything known as the starting point to visit the temple of Abu Simbel. Aswan has several resorts to visit, such as Elephantine Island, the Isle of Kalabsha, and the Nubian Museum.

Egypt Museum


The Egyptian Museum of Cairo, commonly known as the Egyptian Museum is located in Cairo and is in charge of guarding the largest collection of objects belonging to the time of ancient Egypt. In his possession, it has more than 136 thousand objects classified in different times giving Egyptian history. This is considered one of the great tourist attractions of the nation and this is demonstrated by the more than two million tourists who visit the museum annually.