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Tours to Egypt Gives a New Experience in your Life

A tour to Egypt is like a dream come true for many. Some have the love for history while others have the craze to explore the historical wonders of the ancient world. The country is a miracle in itself, right from the land to the building, geography to history, and culture to religion. When you plan to take a trip to Egypt, you should be ready to experience a new life, a new vision, a new culture and a new experience.

Here are some facts about the country:


Just like the rest of the world, more than 90% of the population is settled in less than 4% of the land. The land is barren and deserted with some exceptions like oases here and there in the desert area. The Nile flows river is located in the North from the foothills of the Africa cutting in the Sudan area to till the spills in the Mediterranean. Geographically, the Nile River divides the country into two unequal segments that are the Eastern area and the Western desert.


Being a deserted area, the climate of Egypt is best described as Hot, Dry or Sunny. Basically, on your tours to Egypt, you will face two different seasons. One is warm that stays from May to October and the other is the cooler season that stays from November to until April. The temperature varies as per the seasons and you can experience extreme heat as well as winters due to the desert area.

Culture and Environment

Not to mention that the beautiful country of Egypt enjoys a rich culture of kings, queens and several Pharoahs. The Cleopatra, Shakespeare imaginary world, Anthony and almost all the interesting historical figures have evolved from this soil. Blessed and flourished with a history worth reading and visiting, Egyptians have long been counted amongst the most loyal saviours to their rulers. The pyramids are a live example of their dedication and love for their kings.

If you see the demographics and start reading about the country, you can imagine easily that you are going to get lot of joy on your tours to Egypt. Not only the Pyramids, but the cities, the desert, the rides, the temples and the ruins, everything appears interesting and magnanimous. A virtual force will attract you towards it.

The simplicity of people and their lifestyle will teach you how they have well preserved their ancient culture. For the people of Egypt, their religion is not just about following but it is a way of life for them. They speak their native language and the best spirit can be seen during the month of Ramazan. The art, culture, books and entertainment industry of Egypt is equally interesting. A milestone in the Arab countries, Egypt should be a top notched destination to anyone who wants to escape from the fakeness of modern cities. Come and splurge into the naturally deserted retreat of Kingdom with Egyptian tours.

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