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Trip to Red Sea Coast

Drive to the Red Sea is a so exciting & unforgettable experience. The sea is subjected to historical events & narrows towards the sea between Yemen & Eritrea. This sea runs from the Gulf of Suez to various mountain ranges. Some major island with coast includes:
Qamar, AI-Fanadir, Abu Ramada, Om Gaweesh, Small Seoul lands, A1 Zabarged

Archaeological Sites and Sites to visit

The Red Sea includes some Pharaonic & Roman antiquities. Well! Pharaonic inscriptions were found in Wadi Elhaamat and Um El Fawageer also located 235km south of Hurghada & ruins the temple of Dokhan. Greco temple is located 65km north of Hurghada.

Christian sites:


In Egypt there are two old famous monasteries:
- St. Paul: It back to the end of the 4th AD century.
- St. Anthony: This is the oldest monastery in Egypt.

Islamic Sites:


- The location of the Shrine of Sheik Hassan El-Ghazal is 150 Km from Marsa Alam which is 800 years old.
- The location of the tower at Sultan Sleem in Al-Quseir is about 130km south of Hurghada.

Red Sea Towns:



Let’s have a look at the location of Hurghada which is 500km distance from Cairo also it is famous for the good adoptable weather in the winter & summer seasons. For getting more information check here.



Safaga lies 65km south of Hurghada. A marine port is also connected by cruise having service margin with Jordan & Saudi Arabia, the main consideration of this city is medical research which contributes to Safaga having international tourism.



This site is also located 80km south of Safaga. Various hotels with good accommodations are established. It is connected to Quena city by road which is long-distance as 220km.

Marsa Alam


It is one of the popular resorts which is 135km south of Al-Quseir also 270 Km south of Jiving, and the connection of Edfu is about 289km along with the desert road. The big tourist center Abu AI-Hassan AI-Shazli which available the monuments sites & strange beaches.



A famous town south of Marsa Alam which is 12km long. The awesome therapeutic center is a geographical manner that is semi-precious in the mid-20th century near about 1500 BC.

How to reach the Red sea coast:

Through good transportation by flight, or bus one can easily reach the Red Sea coast which is a good scenario of great circumstances.

By Flights

Various international flights available to Hurghada & Marsa Alam are available at a good affordable price.

By bus

Eltorgam is the main bus stop where one can easily reach to Red sea

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