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The Beauty of Luxor Temple


Egypt is the land of mystery and old charm. There are many places of historical importance to be visited. You get to see the ancient historical monuments, museums, gardens, The Pyramids, Sphinx, and many other places. The Temple of Luxor holds an important place among all these. The Luxor Temple is located in the city along the Nile River called Luxor, earlier known as Thebes. It was founded around 1400 BCE. Four Temples on the left bank are known as Goornah, Deir-el-Bahri, Ramesseum, and Medinet Habu and the two temples on the right bank are known as Luxor and Karnak. There are chapels at the rear of the temple built by Tuthmosis all and Alexander.

Excavation and rediscovery of the temple

Most of the Luxor Temple was buried until 1885. Only heads of Ramses ll colossi and tips of the obelisks could be seen. Slowly the pile of debris was removed. There is a pretty mosque of Luxor’s patron saint Abu al Haggag on top of the excavated Temple, which was untouched during the time of excavation. Temple walls are decorated with the finest carvings of ancient Egypt and are the most fantastic historical attractions in Egypt.

What to see at Luxor Temple

The Temple is built on a very vast area. It had once housed a full village within its wall. It has many pylons which are over 70 feet high. You also get to see massive statues and obelisks the most fantastic historical attractions in Egypt.  The entrance of the temple is lined with sphinxes and is known as the ‘Sacred way or Avenue of Sphinxes’. The pylons are decorated with scenes of military triumphs of Ramesses’s and Nubian and Ethiopian Dynasties. The main entrance was flanked by six colossal statues of Ramesses out of which only two are there today. Out of two obelisks, made of pink granite, one has been taken to Paris and stands in the center of Place de la Concorde.

Peristyle courtyards and the barque

The gateway leads to the peristyle courtyard built by Ramesses ll. There are three pre-existing barque shrines in the northwest corner. On the eastern end lies the Abu Haggag Mosque. This is followed by the colonnade and another peristyle courtyard. The inner sanctum is a dark antechamber. Roman Stuccoes can be seen above the Egyptian carvings. This area served as a chapel in Roman times. Further in is the Barque shrine built by Alexander.

How to reach Luxor?

Since Luxor is the most important site to be visited in Egypt it is well connected to Cairo. You can get regular buses, trains, or taxis from Cairo or other major cities to Luxor. One can even enjoy a ride on Felucca from Aswan and there are domestic and international flight options too.

Where to stay?

There are many hotels in the city of Luxor. You can opt for any hotel suiting your budget. Since it is the most sought-after tourist spot there are proper transportation and all facilities for visitors and tourists. Luxor gives a true glimpse of ancient Egypt and is well endowed with all the modern facilities for the comfort of visitors.

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