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Culinary Delights of Ancient Egypt's Traditional Foods


Food eaten by people in ancient Egypt had similarities between not just Africa but West Asia as well. Egyptians got most of their calories from wheat, barley, and olive oil. The Egyptian food chart comprised many different foods and believed in eating well. Even the poorest people during this time enjoyed a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. The rich enjoyed eating lamb and beef. The pork wasn't eaten because it was associated with an evil god. The meat was limited to the tables of the rich as it was much more expensive to buy. Salting fish and ducks was common to preserve them for a long time. 

Staple Foods Of Ancient Egypt

The staple food during the ancient Egyptian era was bread and beer supplemented by vegetables, onions, and dried fish. The meat was limited to the rich, but even workers got a chance to eat meat on special occasions.

Bread And Baking

Bakers during this time made bread out of wheat and barley, which was also used to make soups and porridge. Barley was also fermented to make beer. It's believed that grain was grown in Egypt to make beer. Egyptian bread, however, was hard and rough because while grinding the grain, the sand from the grinder got mixed into the dough, making it taste gravelly and sandy.

Most Popular Drinks

Drinks in ancient Egypt were an essential part of meals. The rich indulged in wine drinking while others satiated themselves with beer. During parties, the host's home was called "the House of Beer." Beer was made by partially baking barley loaves, then crumbling it into water and fermenting it. The beer was strained before drinking to
avoid the lumps. The wine was prepared from grapes squeezed by stepping on them in big troughs. The mixture was then sealed in clay pots with dates, just like it's still done today.

What Did The Rich Eat?

Rich people in ancient Egypt ate a lot of meat! Other things included in the menu, in many cases, were waterfowl, vegetables, fruit, and wine. The bread was ubiquitous and was eaten in many different forms, and it accompanied almost every meal.

More About Ancient Egyptian Food

People in Egypt also consumed African food. The oil used in some recipes was palm oil. The dessert usually had dates, figs, and honey. Also, seeds have been found, showing that the Egyptians grew watermelons and other melons. Cooking was most commonly done in clay ovens and over open fires. Wood was burnt as fuel and sometimes charcoal. Food in ancient Egypt was baked, boiled, stewed, fried, grilled, or roasted, depending on the food type. Honey and syrup made from unfermented grape juice were mainly used as a sweetening agent for making sweet dishes during that time. The kitchen in ancient Egypt was most commonly located at the corner of the courtyard or on flat roofs, and it was well-ventilated and lightly roofed.

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