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For Egyptians looking beautiful and having a fresh and young appearance mattered a lot. They loved to look younger than their age.

For this reason, ancient Egyptians used various formulae to prolong a beautiful and youthful appearance. Egyptians used various cosmetics and perfumes to make the old look young.


The Magic Of Making the Old Look Young

The way Egyptians used these various ingredients to make people look beautiful and younger seems almost like a type of magic that converted the old into the young. To make a person look young they had various methods and applications for the face, hair, nails and overall appearance.


Hairs usually lose their charm and softness with time. It fails to get the proper nutrients as the man or woman grows old resulting in old and brittle-looking hair. To overcome this Egyptians used henna, a dye made from natural extracts that colored hair and rejuvenated it. Apart from the use of henna, several ornaments and flowers were also used for the adornment of hair that made it look marvelous and attractive instead of old and dry.

The Face

Wrinkles, acne, and blackheads are a sign of age and fading beauty. The face is the first thing we see when we take a glance at someone and hence maintaining a healthy and attractive face was seen as extremely necessary during the ancient Egyptian period. As a result, ancient Egyptians used several kinds of makeup to decorate their face and restore its beauty, including red makeup for making their lips and cheeks look beautiful and youthful. 

The Eyes

Beautiful and elegant eyes are a must for a person to look young and attractive. As the age progresses, the eyes can lose their spark which takes away a youthful shine and brilliance from one's face. Egyptians used dark green and black makeup for making their eyes look broad and outlined. They used these black and green formulae of ingredients such as kohl to make the eyes sharp. This gave a young and stunning appearance to the overall face. The tiredness and rigidity in my eyes were thus replaced by a lightning spark of vitality.

Fingernails & Hands

Beautiful and pretty-looking hands were also very important to ancient Egyptians. They used henna of different colors like yellow-orange, green, and brick red for decorating their nails and they also used it for making different kinds of tattoos on their hands. This usually varied depending on your occupation but it was common through various layers of Egyptian society.

Youthful Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians used all these techniques and more to look young and beautiful. From the hair to the face and hands, they had a formula for almost everything in order to prolong youthful beauty as long as possible. 

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