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Al-Baliyana Travel Guide

El-Balyana (Al-Baliyana) is a small town in the modern Sohag Governorate of Upper Egypt. The town lies on the west bank of the River Nile and is located near one of the most-visited places in Egypt, dating back to ancient times, Abydos. El-Balyana is a major city in the Sohag governorate, spread over 160 square km. The city was also important during the Islamic and Ancient Egyptian eras. Presently, it is inhabited by some nomadic tribes called the Banu Mohamed and Hawara tribes. The most famous tourist places near El-Balyana include Arabat Abidus, the Temple of Osiris, the Ramses II Temple, and the Seti I Temple. Also, many necropolises dating back to the 1st and the 2nd dynasties can be found here.

About Sohag Governorate

Sohag Governorate is one of Egypt's biggest. It lies in the country's south and covers the Nile Valley. The capital, Sohag, is 72 km south of Asyut. The governorate is famous as one of the centers of Coptic Christian life in Egypt. The White Monastery and Red Monastery are two vital holy sites for Coptic Christians. Akhmim is also an important tourist center located in Sohag.

Tourism at El-Balyana

El-Balyana has many monuments dating back to the ancient Egyptian era. Abydos is a popular tourist destination often listed among Egypt's top 10 attractions. It was once known as the Holy City and was important during the ancient era.
Abydos is referred to as being among the most spellbinding places in Egypt, which are must-see destinations. It can be easily reached from El-Balyana, which is just 11 km away. Most temples at Abydos were constructed during the 13th century B.C., and most notable include the Temple of Seti I, which has an inscription from the 19th dynasty and is today referred to as the Abydos King List. Seti I's temple is one of the best-conserved temples in Egypt. It honors seven gods: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Amun, Ra Harakhy, Ptah, and Seti I, all of whom can be seen drawn on the temple walls.
Next is the Temple of Osiris, among the most important temples here; unfortunately, only a little remains of the original structure. Another is the Ramses II Temple, built as a dedication to Osiris and still has many exciting wall paintings. Abydos lies in El-Balyana in the Sohag Governorate and is among the must-visit places when traveling to Egypt.
Another little town located nearby is Dendera, famous for the Dendera Temple complex, including the Temple of Hathor. This temple has been preserved well and is very interesting to visit. The complex covers an area of 40,000 square meters and is surrounded by a mud-brick wall.

Airports Near El-Balyana

The closest major airport to El-Balyana is Sohag International Airport, which is 50 km from the center of El-Balyana. Other options are Luxor International Airport, which is 161 km away, Asyut Airport, which lies at a distance of 201 km, and Hurghada International Airport, which is 312 km away. Some domestic airports are located nearby, which ensures easy connectivity of this town with many other cities and towns in Egypt.

Some Major Cities Near El-Balyana

El-Balyana is well-connected to some major cities in Egypt, making it easy for travelers to explore the area and explore the past. The closest is the City of Akhmim, just 43 km from the city's center. Traveling from Akhmim City to El-Balyana takes less than an hour by road. Also, there are many routes between the two cities, giving you many options. Overall, El-Balyana is a culturally rich and historically deep location full of exciting places and sites to explore, which is why it is one of Egypt's most sought-after tourist destinations.

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