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Fayed Travel Guide

Fayed is a small town in Ismailia governorate that has gained popularity among tourists owing to the many vacation homes and its proximity to Cairo which is only 106 km away.  Fayed is situated on the banks of Lake Bitter, between Ismailia and Suez, with many luxurious villas and top-notch resorts in the area. The town is also known for its war cemetery as well as an air base that was used during the Second World War by the British Royal Air Force (RAF). A beautiful blend of green open spaces, palm trees, clear waters, and sandy beaches makes Fayed the perfect destination for anyone who wishes to spend some time relaxing far from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city.

How to Reach Fayed

Fayed's closest airport is Cairo International. One can hire a taxi from the airport to the resort. Most of the resorts also offer meet and assist services from the airport, which can be free or can cost different fees. If a tourist plans to take a road journey, it's recommended that they rent a car from Cairo as there are almost no car rentals available in Fayed itself. The city is great to visit any time of the year since the weather remains pleasant and sunny throughout the year. Tuk-tuks are available for local travel.


The city of Fayed has many vacation homes equipped with all modern amenities and many also provide their guests with private beaches. Water sports are also provided by some of the resorts. There is also a Coptic retreat complex and therefore many Coptic Christians spend their vacation there with a room free of charge. It is a good place for families of any belief but the waiting list can be long.

Bitter Lake

Bitter Lake is a tranquil spot and its name comes from the fact that it's a saltwater lake.
The lake is formed by the Suez Canal and serves as a waiting area for ships and tankers as they travel along. The one thing which separates Fayed from other destinations is an absolute absence of traffic noise which you can't find in almost all other places. The area around the lake is very green and lush with beautiful, glittering water all around.

What To Do

Fayed is a small town without much to offer those who are interested in war history. There is one air base (which is no longer used) and a war cemetery. There are also good shops and food stalls along the road, with plenty of flip-flops (ship-ships in Arabic) for sale. A unique square sailboat can be spotted in the canal; it's an ancient design (used by Pharaonic Egyptians) not used much these days.

Fayed War Cemetery

Fayed War Cemetery opened in 1941 as the Geneifa War Cemetery and served as the burial place for people who died in the military hospitals in this area. The last burials at this cemetery were done in 1955 when Commonwealth forces were leaving the country. The war cemetery has 760 graves. It is about 4 km from the town center and lies on a road connecting the Ismailia-Suez road and the lakeshore. The white tombstones glittering in the sun are something worth watching and a remembrance of all those who lost their lives.

RAF Fayed

RAF Fayed has situated 23 km from Ismailia and about 116 km from Cairo. It was formerly a much-used Royal Air Force airfield and was built prior to the Second World War. The airfield was used later on by the Egyptian Air Force. The Egyptian Air Force used this base until the 1980s but later a new Fayed air base was built some 3 km south to accommodate F-16 aircraft. Today this old airfield stands abandoned and only has sand, not aircraft.

Other Attractions Near Fayed

Cairo, Suez, Ismailia, and Port Said are major cities that are close to the city of Fayed and well worth a visit. There are also many hills and interesting terrain to walk around and see, namely Jabal Shubrawit, Jabal al Qitt, and Jabal ash Shihabi. Ismailia is a good option for tourists who like to see collections from Roman, Greek, Pharaonic, and Islamic collections in one place. There are many small villages within a short distance from Ismailia which can also make for a great day trip out of Fayed.

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