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Zifta or Zefta is located in the Al Gharbiyah region of Egypt. It’s an important administrative center of the district and is located just next to El Santa Center. It is made up of many small villages and towns. The area has a large portion of agricultural land and is known for the growing of fruits like oranges along with other crops like rice, wheat, and cotton. Zifta also has many other industries, especially clothing factories. When the British occupied Egypt the residents of the city continuously rebelled against them and finally declared independence. After independence, the city came to be known as Zifta Republic. The population of Zifta is about 92,667.

History of Zifta in Egypt

 The city has a renowned place in the modern Egyptian era and played a vital role in the Egyptian Revolution of 1919 when the British force managed to expel Sadd Zaghloul Pasha and many other leaders from the Wafd Party out of Egypt to Malta. After this humiliation the inhabitants of Zifta under the leadership of Youssef El Guindi declared Zefta an independent city and renamed it as Zefta Republic, wresting control of it away from the British.

 Famous People From Zifta

Mostafa Younis who is an important figure in the aviation world was born in Zifta, as was accountant Fouad Younis, accomplished engineer Moghad Younis, famous writer Ehsan Abd El Kodus, and other well-known figures including Mostafa Kamal Tolba, Kimon Evan Marengo, Ahmed Seif al-Islam Keshty and Mostafa El-Sayed.

 Places Near Zifta

 Popular places located near Zifta include Mit Ghamr, Kafr el-Batal, and Send Bast. Other major cities which are easily reachable from Zifta are Tanta, El Mahalla el Kubra, Cairo, and Gizeh.

Airports Near Zifta

The closest international airport to Zifta is the Cairo International Airport which is 67 km away. Other nearby airports are Shark Elowainat Airport 54 km away, Ramadan Airport 67 km away, and Port Said Airport which is 113 km. Due to the range of airport options, it is quite easy to reach the town of Zifta from many international and domestic locations through regular flights.

 Famous Nile Barrages in Zifta

Zifta is one place where one of the main Nile barrages was constructed during 1881-1952 in order to control the flow of the river. The barrage is considered to be the one that marked the beginning of the modern irrigation system in the Nile Valley. The barrages were constructed starting in 1902 and were renovated in the year 1954. Barrages consist of 50 slots and are among the unique architectural wonders seen in Egypt. The water from these barrages is sent to four governorates of Egypt: Gharbiya, Daqahliya, Kafr Al-Shaikh, and Damietta. The barrage also acts as the primary source to deliver water to Sinai through the Salam Canal which runs from west to east.

 Places Near Zefta

Two farms near Zefta which are very famous in Egypt include the ‘Izbat Ḩassan ash Shanāwī, a farm located in Al Gharbīyah, Egypt. The approximate terrain altitude above sea level is 24 meters. Another one is the Izbat Bashir Agha, which is home to many sightseeing destinations that attract a large number of tourists. Additional attractions are Xois, Kafrelsheikh University, Kafr el-Sheikh, Nile Delta, Battle of the Nile (47 BC), El-Mahalla Stadium, El-Mahalla El-Kubra, and Basyoun.

The Bottom Line

Zifta, although not very popular on the Egyptian tourist map, is well-connected to a large number of cities popular in Egypt and has its own unique charm. Tourist attractions may be limited here but it doesn't take much time to reach and explore this town from any major Egyptian city. One can visit this town to explore the many famous places nearby and to see the attractions that Zifta can offer to visitors.

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