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Comprehensive Guide to Egypt's Universities and Higher Education System

Egypt, an African nation, is famous for its fascinating history, unique blend of African, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures, and top-tier universities. These features make the country a popular choice among international students. This article explores Egypt's higher education system, the country's acclaimed universities, the application process, and other relevant aspects to provide a holistic understanding of studying in Egypt.

A Glimpse into Egypt's Higher Education

Egypt has always prioritized higher education to make its educational institutions more globally competitive. The country currently boasts 20 public universities with nearly two million students and 23 private universities hosting around 60,000 students. The government has initiated several programs to enhance the quality and competitiveness of higher education in Egypt.

Top Universities in Egypt

Egypt houses several prestigious universities, recognized regionally and globally for their high standards and academic prowess.

American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo (AUC) is a private research university offering programs in the liberal arts. It has the most extensive English-language library collection in Egypt.

Cairo University

Cairo University is one of the oldest universities in Egypt. It is known for its research performance and academic excellence. It offers a wide range of courses and has a prominent position worldwide in petroleum engineering.

Ain Shams University

Ain Shams University, located in Cairo, is one of the largest universities in Egypt, with approximately 180,000 students. It has a five-star rating for teaching and is ranked within the top 400 universities globally for medicine.

Alexandria University

Alexandria University has a rich history dating back to 1938. It has expanded from seven to 22 faculties, offers many programs, and serves more than 152,305 students.

Mansoura University

Mansoura University is famous for its specialized medical centers, making it a preferred choice for students interested in the medical field.

Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University, one of the oldest universities globally, initially served as a center for Islamic learning. It has since expanded its educational horizons to include a modern curriculum.

Applying to Universities in Egypt

Application procedures may vary across universities, but typically, international students are required to submit proof of completion of at least 12 years of primary and secondary education, official transcripts, a photocopy of the passport, a recent medical report, and a bank statement showing the applicant's financial capability to cover tuition fees and living costs.

Student Visas for Egypt

To apply for a student visa, students must have a confirmed place at an Egyptian university and adequate funds to support themselves during their studies. They must register with the local police station within seven days of arrival in Egypt.

Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Living costs are relatively low in Egypt, especially compared to Western study destinations. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost around US$148. The tuition fee is a per-credit hour, with each credit hour costing approximately $500.

Safety in Egypt

While Egypt has experienced political uncertainty in recent years, it remains a safe destination for most travelers, including international students. Students are advised to be vigilant and consult travel advice from authorities before making plans.

Why Study in Egypt?

Studying in Egypt offers an opportunity to delve into a culture unlike any other. From exploring world-renowned historic sites like the Great Pyramids and the Temples of Karnak to experiencing the vibrant urban center of Cairo, international students will have an enriching study experience.

Egypt's universities and higher education system offer a unique blend of high-quality education, cultural immersion, and affordable living costs. With its emphasis on higher education and globally competitive universities, Egypt is undoubtedly a promising destination for international students.

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