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Dakahlia governorate is located in the northeastern part of Egypt and is comprised of 18 cities. Its capital is Mansoura and the state capital city, Cairo, is southwest of Dakahlia province. The present population of Dakahlia is approximately 6 million, with a medium density of around 1,700 people per square kilometer. Dakahlia is particularly famous for its distinguished Kidney Center, which is run by the Urology and Nephrology Center of Mansoura University’s Faculty of Medicine. This center was started in 1983 by the world-famous urologist Dr. Mohamed A. Ghonem, who until now actively researches and treats renal and urological disorders in this center.


Dakahlia governorate consists of the cities of Aga, Bilqas, Damas, El-Gammaliyyah, El Matareya, Gamasa, El Senbellawein, Dikirnis, Manzala, Gogar, Mit Elkorama, Nabaroh, Mit Ghamr, Talkha, Mit Salsil, Sherbin, and Temay Alamded as well as the capital city Mansoura.


The word ‘Mansoura’ means ‘victorious’ in the Arabic language. The city was founded in 1219 and received its name to commemorate the victory of the Egyptian troops over the army of the French King Louis IX during his Seventh Crusade when Louis was captured and held captive in this city. Mansoura is also historically important because of the Mansoura Air Battle, fought with the Israeli Air Force on October 14, 1973, where Egypt won the battle; because of the victory October 14 of each year is observed as ‘Air Force Day’ across Egypt.

Mansoura National Museum is a great tourist attraction. It houses different artifacts used by Louis XI from when he was held captive in this location called the House of Dar Ibn Lockman in 1250. In addition to many swords and armor from the Crusaders, the museum contains maps and large paintings depicting scenes from the famous Battle of Mansoura. The University of Mansoura is now world famous for the reputed Urology and Nephrology Center of Prof. Mohammed Ghonem. The Shinnawi Palace and the Mosque of El-Saleh Ayoub El-Kebir are two other buildings that are favorite tourist attractions.


This small town is particularly noted for many ancient palaces and villas, built by various Egyptian princes and rich traders. The most remarkable place to visit in Belqas, however, is the Coptic Orthodox Monastery of Saint Demiana.


This town is the center of Dekernes Markaz and is surrounded by many other villages. It is located to the east of Mansour, the capital of Dakahlia governorate. Dikirnis is the site of the oldest secondary school in Egypt, Ali Mubarak School, which was built in 1911.

Mit Ghamr

This town is known for producing aluminum, and most of the aluminum production in Egypt comes from Mit Ghamr. Due to the flourishing aluminum industry, this town is densely-populated. In terms of tourism, Mit Ghamr is most well-known for being the home of the revered Islamic scholar Sheikh Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy, renowned Egyptian poet Alawadi Elwakil and famous Egyptian jurist Mortada Mansour. The first Islamic bank of the world was also set up in this town, by Dr. Ahmad El Najjar, which is a big plus for those interested in the richness of Islamic history. A large and beautiful Coptic Orthodox Church, named Mari Girgis Church is another major tourist attraction in Mit Ghamr.

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