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Monufia Governorate

Monufia is situated in the north of Egypt, around the Nile Delta. It lies to the north of Cairo and to the south of Gharbia, another governorate. Monufia has two administrative divisions. Cuneo is located in the Sea of Shebin and the Damietta branch and “Toa” is located west of the Rosetta Branch.
The capital of Monufia is Shibin Ei Korun. The main towns of the governorate are Sers el-Lyan, Ashmoun, menouf, Bagour, Tala, and Quesna. This governorate is known as Nit Shamaa and it’s mainly an agricultural area. Monufia has two administrative divisions and is located along the Sea of Shebin, Damietta branch, which was located in the west of the Rosetta branch.


In 1826, Mohammad Ali transferred the capital from Shibin Al Kawn to Monuf because the latter fell exactly in the center of the governorate. Other than Shiblin el-Kawn, the governorate has four other administrative divisions, which are Asmoun, Menouf, Tala, and Quesna. In 1942, Al- Shohada became a new administrative division and included parts from Shiblin-el- Kawn and Tala. In 1947, Bagour was created to include regions from Monuf, Ashmoun, Quesna, and Shibin el-Kawn. In 1955, five villages were taken in Tala and redistributed to Tanta. N 1960, Berket el Sabe’e was established and consists of former towns and villages of the Tala. Sers el- Lyan became a city rather than a village after it was separated from Monuf. In 1991, Sadat City was annexed to Monufia since it is the only region west of the Rosette branch. Monufia has the highest voter turnout rate of all the governorates, and also the most overwhelming support for candidates.
Monufia is popular for the production of the crops such as wheat, maize, and cotton and also vegetable crops like green beans and potatoes. They export quite a bit. Agricultural land gets water from Damietta and Rosetta branches of the Nile. Agriculture is usually the main activity of the population due to Monufia’s fertile land. Monufia government is known specifically for being the birthplace of two Egyptian presidents.
The governorate is one of the favorite governorates of many Egyptian people. If you require more information about this place, you can conveniently search online. You will find out all about the necessary information and tourist attractions. Make sure to choose a tour option and company that suits all your needs.

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