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New Valley Governorate

New Valley Governorate is one of the 27 governorates of Egypt and is situated in the southwestern part of the country. It includes some of the Libyan desert areas of the Sahara desert, between northern Sudan, the Nile, and southeastern Libya.


Comprising nearly one-third of Egypt, the New Valley Governorate is the country’s largest governorate and one of the biggest regions on the African continent. Its capital is Kharga, within the Kharga Oasis.



Violent clashes were reported in Wadi al-Jahidon in February 2011, as a part of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Protesters set fire to the police stations and the National Democratic Party building. Multiple deaths were reported along with hundreds of injuries among claims that the police opened fire on protesters in Kharga Oasis with live ammunition.
Qasr Farafra is a distant town in the Al Farafah district. There are almost 5000 Bedouins living in the town. It is a small oasis town right in the desert, with a few green sectors and some water for the residents to survive.

An unfortunate reality

Epilepsy is one of the most serious neurological disorders which outcomes in profound morbidity and mortality. Though epilepsy has no geographical boundaries, realizing social, cultural, and economic backgrounds is a very vital step for the interpretation of its epidemiological features. This work targets to study the epidemiological profile of epilepsy in the New Valley Governorate and to estimate the magnitude of the treatment gap. It was conducted through a door-to-door Survey, comprising all inhabitants. All the suspected cases were subjected to a comprehensive history. A clinical examination should be made if required.
The study revealed that the lifetime prevalence of epilepsy in Al Kharga districts is 6.76 with the highest peak during early childhood, while that active epilepsy is just 4.99 part of the population. Nonetheless, the treatment gap of epilepsy in New Valley is similar to that in developing countries. Incidence and Prevalence of the rate of epilepsy n New Valley are similar to that in the industrialized countries.
With aging, dementia is a problem that is noticed in numerous people all over the world. The goal is to work to decide the prevalence of dementia among the population of this area.
Screening all the subjects over 50 years of age was done through a regular survey by 3 neurologists, utilizing a short standardized Arabic screening test and a modified Mini-mental State examination. Suspected cases were subjected to full clinical examination, and psychometric assessment utilizing the cognitive abilities of the screening instrument. Proper treatment of this treatment in this area makes it one of the best and most urbanized areas of this region.

Why stay here


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