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North Sinai Governorate

North Sinai Governorate is one of the 27 governorates of Egypt. It is situated in the northeastern part of the country and includes the northern half of the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered in the north by the Mediterranean Sea, in the south by Sinai Governorate, in the west by Port Said, Suez Governorates, and Ismailia, and in the east by the Gaza Strip and Israel. Its capital is the city of Arish. Northern Sinai lies in the northeast of Egypt and is known as the nation's "eastern fortress." The cultivated region of the governorate is estimated to be 184,800 miles and relies on permanent water sources in the Delta region to the east of the Ariesh and the west of the Ariesh area along with 100,000 hectares that rely mainly on rainwater.


As of 2014, the population of the North Sinai governorate was 421,984 people, predominantly consisting of Bedouin tribe members. The governorate encompasses an area of 27,574 square kilometers, and the population density is 15 people per square kilometer.
Many Bedouin tribe members in this governorate resort to smuggling to support themselves; they usually smuggle supplies and weapons into the Gaza Strip by cross-border tunnels. North Sinai was affected by the Sinai insurgency and the government force's vital response, which caused many casualties. Some Bedouins also make a living by helping illegal migrants into Israel. These activities have been curtailed by the Egyptian government's crackdown on smuggling in the Gaza Strip and by the building of the Israel-Egypt border barrier.


North Sinai's Al-Nakheel Beach is one of the most eco-friendly zones in the country. The north and the desert ambiance of the coastal region in the south make this governorate highly popular among Egyptians as a tourism destination. The area is also a vast reservoir of mineral resources, including sulfur, sodium, black sands, coal, pebble soil, marl, dolomite, yellow sand, gypsum, clay, limestone, and silicon sand. The region is also well known for producing fruits like olives, palm trees, grapes, figs, almonds, and peaches.

Development of the city

The government has invested in a diverse variety of land uses in the North Sinai governorate, including many industrial zones, the most important of which is the industrial zone in the center of Sinai, the handicraft industry zone in Ba’er al-Abd, along with the investment in agricultural activities that were increased after the opening of the Sheikh Gabbar channel. The channel also enabled expanded tourism in East Ariesh, Balouza, and West Ariesh. These things make this place highly popular with Egyptians and some foreign tourists.

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