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The Red Sea Governorate is located between the Red Sea and the Nile in the southeast of Egypt. It borders Sudan to the south, the Suez Governorate to the north, the Red Sea to the east, and the Aswan Governorate to the West. Its capital is the famous city of Hurghada.



The Red Sea has gained much historical importance as the main artery bridging East and West. Because of this, the Red Sea Governorate has enjoyed many privileges due to its historical, political, economic, and geophysical features. It stands as Egypt’s eastern gate with a coastline extending over more than 1,080 kilometers and is a very popular tourist destination. It features lovely natural vistas and wonderful weather throughout the year.

Moreover, the governorate’s vast area is rich in minerals, oils, and fish resources which places its economy in good standing. The Development of basic substructures and completion of utilities and local services has been a major priority to spur the growth of tourism and improve the lives of citizens living in this governorate. After carrying out various development strategies in diverse areas, the governorate has become one of the most lucrative investment zones and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt, leading to it becoming a major source of national revenue. 

The Four Natural Protectorates

Due to its location along the Red Sea and its location deep in the Eastern desert, the Red Sea governorate is of high strategic and environmental significance. As the governorate is rich in unparalleled and rare marine creatures, birds, aromatic plants, and wild animals, it was necessary to set up natural protectorates to preserve those resources. To achieve this goal, four protectorates have been set up, specifically: Mangarouf Forest Protectorate to help keep turtles and rare marine birds reproducing at a healthy rate; Abrak Protectorate which has plateaus, plains, and valleys full of many rare wild plants and animals; El-Daeib Protectorate which is full of many marine plants and wild animals in its plains and valleys, and, lastly, Elba Mountain Protectorate, which includes 1,437 meter-high Elba Mountain and a bevy of rare birds and wild animals.

Economically, Red Sea governorate is a prime outlet for exports and imports from the Upper Egyptian governorates. It has a seaport specifically for pilgrims, but tourism is to be the main activity in the governorate, along with other industrial activities like mining. It is also worth mentioning that the Red Sea governorate is possibly the richest governorate in Egypt in terms of mineral resources due to ample reserves of metal and non-metal ores found in the region which are made into all manner of ornaments and precious stones.


The Red Sea governorate stretches over 1,080 kilometers along the Red Sea Coast. It is bordered in the west by Bani Swaif, Aswan, Luxor city, Qena, Souhag, Assiut, and Menia, in the north by the Suez governorates, and in the south by the nation of Sudan.



The Red Sea governorate's emblem shows a mermaid which is the governorate's official symbol, and the blue color symbolizes the sea.

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