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South Sinai Governorate

South Sinai  Governorate is the least populated governorate of Egypt. It is located in the eastern part of the country, including the southern half of the Sinai Peninsula. South Sinai Governorate lies in the south tier of the Sinai Peninsula in the shape of a triangle. It has various mountains in the center.
South Sinai is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt. The governorate features natural beauty in its beaches, valleys, plains, and mountains. For this reason, the governorate is considered an international center for various types of tourism.



Within the South Sinai Governorate are the Saint Catherine Monastery, Toor Sinai Mountain, the Grand church, and the 5 peaks of Serball Mountain that embrace in its center a church and an old monastery, as well as various hermit caves. The governorate also hosts the popular turquoise mountains and also the temple of Sarabeet al-Khadem.
The governorate also features long beaches with crystal clear water that extend over Aqaba Gulf and Suez. The governorate also has lovely sceneries along with multi-color coral reefs and various species of fish. Moreover, the area is popular for scuba diving sports to bask in watching lovely marine creatures. Furthermore, the governorate hosts natural protectorates like Wadi Ferran, Saint Catherine, Nabaq, Ras Muhammad, etc.
The governorate has various investment opportunities, including the quarries of Sharm al-sheikh, Abu Znymah area, Abu Redees, and Saint Catherine. Moreover, turquoise stones are extracted and processed.
The governorate produces 30% of Egypt’s oil and sand glass, manganese, granite rocks, and gypsum. There are also developing projects in the water and fish resources field including building a ground reservoir and well digging in the valleys of Weteer, Ghrandi, Feeran, and Seddr in order to make use of the 360 million cubic meters of groundwater annually.


Moreover, there are development projects in the tourism field, including resorts, hotels, and service projects in Dahab, Tour Sinai, Ras Seddr, Nuaba, and Dahab and underwater cinematography also as sea and diving equipment centers in Nuaba, Dahab, Sinai. There are also projects like sound in Saint Catherine and various other associated regions by availing the Pharoah Baths, and water of Moses.


South Sinai lies in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. It is shaped like a triangle, where Bair Taba constitutes its northern base that extends from the East of Alakaba Gulf to Ras Miah in the west on the Suez Gulf. The sides of the triangle stretch all over the Alakaba and Suez Gulf and meet in Ras Muhammad in the South.


The golden yellow color indicates the rising sun throughout the year round in the governorate, while the blue color refers to the Red Sea water and Alakaba and the Gulf of Suez. The green color refers to the olive branch, which also signifies peace.

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