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Many people, present company included, believe that Ras Mohamed does not belong to this world with its extraordinary environment and incredible beauty. The air here is cleaner and even smells different than any other place in Egypt, not to mention the world. It's a special place that you'll never forget.

The Unique Location Of  Ras Mohamed national park


Maybe its unique location in the meeting point of two different gulfs, the Suez Gulf and the Aqaba Gulf is part of what makes Ras Mohamed so special. Ras Mohamed is the only place in Sinai that overlooks the two gulfs and is located in the south of Sinai, 12 kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh, 70 kilometers away from Tor Sinai, and 446 kilometers away from Cairo.

Ras Mohamed is 480 kilometers in size with 135 kilometers of land and 345 kilometers of water. It also includes two islands: Tiran and Sanafir which are 370 kilometers with 100 kilometers that consist of land and 270 kilometers that consist of water.

Ras Mohamed Protectorate


The protected area in Ras Mohamed was established in 1983. Its name means the head of Mohamed because of its shape which looks like the top of a triangle with the mountains of South Sinai forming the other side of the triangle. The protected area of Ras Mohamed was included in the international list of heritage sites in the same year it was established. 

Organizing A Trip To Ras Mohamed

Trips to Ras Mohamed can be organized from Sharm El Sheikh and many other cities in Sinai like Dahab, Nuweiba, and Ras Suder. You can hire a motorboat and go from Sharm El Sheikh via an exciting diving sea voyage, or you can drive to Ras Mohamed and enjoy the uniqueness of its land and waters.

The trip from Sharm El Sheikh to Ras Mohamed takes 20 minutes by car until you reach the gate of the protected area which is called the Gate of Allah. It was designed by Egyptian engineers after the 1973 War with Israel. He created the gate out of cement rocks in a remarkable way that looks like the name of God "Allah" in the Egyptian language.

What Will You Find In Ras Mohamed?


As soon as you enter Ras Mohamed, you will find attractive sand dunes all around you, making you want to go deeper into this paradise. Soon enough, you will come to the first stop of your trip on the Suez shore at a beach that overlooks the Suez Gulf. The British author, E.M. Forster described this area as a great passageway that is surrounded by red mountains and its clear water that you can't find anywhere else in the world.

The Suez beach is full of beautiful seagulls and it is the resting point of many rare species like sea turtles and a lot of other creatures that encourage you to go for a dive to explore this area by yourself. You can meet dolphins, water turtles, or even sharks (be careful). There are also a lot of crustaceans and sponge animals. There are also over 200 kinds of coral reefs.

Your next stop in Ras Mohamed will be the mangrove canal and mangrove is a rare plant that can be found in only four places around the world. The nature of this plant makes it absorb salt out of the water and produce it again with its leaves. Afterward, you can visit the location of the great earthquake that hit Egypt millions of years ago and caused a breakdown in the land of Ras Mohamed - which was the original cause of the canal. 

The unique fortress of mangrove plants that connects Ras Mohamed to the Island of Al Ba'eera is located in the eastern part of Ras Mohamed. The area of this tree formation has very clear water and sometimes the land becomes totally dry because of the nature of the area and the islands around it. 

The Lake That Changes Color Seven Times A Day

The magical lake is your next stop now and this lake is totally out of this world as it contains all the shades and levels of blue. Some Ras Mohamed fans believe that this lake changes its colors seven times every day. This lake has an old story that says that Bedouins used to come and swim in its water and throw gems and make wishes, accounting for its color. This is more or less what still happens today as tourists come and swim in the lake, throw coins, and make wishes.

Then you go to the romantic Eastern border of the protected area of Ras Mohamed consists of a natural stone wall that stands against the water of the Aqaba Gulf. You step out of the car and can go to enjoy the beautiful white sand. You can also dive or snorkel in one of the most remarkable diving spots in the whole world.

Sea Caves


There are a lot of sea caves in this spot and many sea creatures of different colors, shapes, and sizes. However, most of these creatures are friendly and you can swim beside them safely. There are many butterfly fish in this area and a number of fire reefs that hurt anyone that touches them. This is besides a number of swimming corals that will make you feel you are swimming in a colored portrait made by God.

Your last stop at Ras Mohamed is likely to be the telescope that is located at the top of a huge rock that enables you to glance at the two gulfs and see the whole area from above.

Ras Mohamed is famous for its marvelous coral reefs and beaches that are located on both of the Gulfs with colored fish, sea turtles, and other sea creatures that you can't find anywhere else. The coral reef beaches spread from the northeastern side of Ras Mohamed around the islands of Tiran and Sanafir where the rare bird of Osprey builds its nests and live. Ras Mohamed has 150 different kinds of coral reefs!

Ras Mohamed Is A Diving Paradise

Ras Mohamed is famous worldwide as one of the most amazing diving spots in the globe. Tourists from all over the world visit Ras Mohamed every year to enjoy diving and snorkeling.

Ras Mohamed has a quite unique biological variety. It hosts a lot of species of birds like falcons, herons, storks, and a lot of mammals like foxes, hyenas, wild rabbits, dears, and mountain goats. This is besides a lot of sea creatures like dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles. Ras Mohamed also has a collection of the most ancient fossils in the whole world that ages from 75 thousand years to 20 million years! Yes, this figure is correct.

One trip to Ras Mohamed and you will definitely become addicted to the beauty of the area. A lot of tourists from Russia, Germany, England, France, and many other countries from all over the world come to visit Ras Mohamed every year and leave with memories to last a lifetime. Ras Mohamed is one of the magic spots on Earth. If you love nature, coral reefs, fish, and sand beaches, Ras Mohamed is a "must-visit" spot for you!

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