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White Desert National Park

People who have visited White Desert Protectorate say it's a truly magical place that's hard to leave. It's one of Egypt's more recently declared protectorates and is located within the Farafra area. Most people who visit the Farafra oasis visit the White Desert in the region north of the Qasr el Farafra. The spectacular scenery of the White Desert makes it even more popular among tourists. The white chalk of the depression is dotted with inselbergs embedded with numerous fossil seashells. Also, the ground here is scattered with thousands of oxidized iron pyrites concretions. Two small and inhabited oases comprise the protectorate: Wadi Hennis and Karawein Depression.


Natural Wealth In The White Desert

The White Desert protectorate is home to a vast and old specimen of Acacia nilotica, which makes the place very important scientifically. Also, in the White Desert area, you can find animals like The Slender-horned Gazelle and Gazella Leptoceros. It's a trendy area for tourists and residents who come to enjoy the White Desert's unique scenery. At some point, the desert was a habitat for many roaming herds of elephants, giraffes, gazelles, and other animals. At that time, the desert would have been a savannah with lush green areas and lakes full of fish. The place is an ideal hunting ground for pre-historic men.


The Diversity Of The White Desert

In the White Desert, you can find many unique and spectacular land formations, which the harsh winds have sculpted into weird shapes that constantly change over time. Here, you can find appearances like ‘monoliths’ and ‘mushrooms,’ ‘ice cream cones,’ ‘tents,’ and ‘crickets,’ as well as the majestic conical flat-topped ‘inselbergs,’ to name just a few.
White Desert, now a protectorate, is like a natural wonder of Egypt and is referred to as White Desert Park. The outer parts nearest the road are known as the Old Desert and can be reached in a standard vehicle. Many tourists choose an overnight camping safari, which helps them enjoy the contrast of sunset and dawn.


It's often said that a night at the protectorate spent under the stars is an experience never forgotten. As the sky turns pink, then the deepest fiery orange, the rock shapes fade, and silence is all around. Enjoy it thoroughly while sitting around a small fire and enjoying a simple chicken, rice, and vegetable meal. If the moon is nearly complete, the white chalk rock shapes glow eerily, which is fantastic.
It is tough to leave the White Desert. The protectorate is justifiably Egypt's most well-known desert destination - for good reason! It is bound to offer you a truly magical experience.

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