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Fishing in Lake Nasser


Lake Nasser is the largest artificial lake on Earth. The lake is famous for its massive length of 310 miles and its spectacular fishing. People come to this part of Egypt from all over the world to
enjoy special fishing holidays and get a unique chance to have adventures they'll remember forever!
The lake's remote location makes it even more popular among those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. The lake and the famous Aswan High Dam were created in 1960. It is a habitat for around 32 species of fish and Nile river crocodiles. It's said that about 80,000 tons of fish are caught in the lake every year.
If you want to catch some of the world's largest freshwater fish, fishing on Lake Nasser is your adventure. If you want to see some Nile perch or tiger fish, Nasser Lake is also the best place to find them. Nile perch in this lake has been recorded at record sizes rarely seen in other water systems. Perch between 50 and 200 lbs can be easily caught, and you can also find moonfish, tilapia species, catfish species, and the legendary giant Vundu throughout the lake. 
Special fishing safari tours are frequently held on Lake Nasser, including spinning, trolling, drift casting, and fly fishing lessons. The amount of fishing you can do depends entirely on your moodfishing-in-lake-nasser

The lake will help you get away from the bustle of city life. It does not have any electricity or mobile phone networks. Lake Nasser is also famous for its antiquities. If you want to catch some particular kinds of fish, check the season before going, as Tilapia and spawns can be found in March, while perch and catfish thrive in September. In terms of catching the vast fishes, you are Alcan to the deeper waters until February. Fly fishing can also be undertaken from March until July. The northern part of the lake is touted to be the best fishing grounds of all. Once you go beyond this area, crocodiles eat most fishesAnglers usually fish from the larger ships, and fishing can generally be done by two or three smaller boats attached to the bigger boat. The fishing packages on Lake Nasser usually consist of meals, soft drinks, and travel from Aswan Dam. You can also hire fishing equipment, which includes everything that will make your fishing expedition easy.

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