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Khaemwaset - Valley Of The Queens

Khaemwaset was one of the sons of Ramesses III and held the title of the Eldest Son of the King and the ‘Sem-priest of Ptah.’ The latest information shows that the mother of this prince was Queen Tyti. It is unknown, however, why the brother of Ramesses III ascended the throne after the king’s death, even though Khaemwaset should have been the one to be crowned. The most crucial role played by Khaemwaset was as Priest of Ptah in Memphis, a popular title that included Fan Bearer to the Right of the King and Sem-Priest.

Tomb QV 44


Located in the Valley of the Queens, Tomb QV 44 lies on the west bank of Luxor and was discovered in 1903 by an Italian archaeologist. The tomb is believed to have been used for common burial. The structure of this tomb includes a wide linear corridor, two lateral annexes, and a long burial chamber. It's believed to be one of this Valley's most beautiful tombs, with painted bas-reliefs and color preservation.
The tomb is well preserved. A canopic jar that belonged to the prince is now in the Cairo Museum at the Egyptian Museum. Also, Khaemwaset's sarcophagus and his mummy are still in the Museo Egizio in Turin, Italy. It's believed that Prince Khaemwaset and his father were buried during the reign of Ramesses IV.
The painted reliefs that decorate the tomb QV 44 illustrate the ritual and symbolic journey to the afterlife, where the prince met the principal gods of the region and the genies who are believed to have guarded the gates to the Kingdom of Osiris. QV 44 is one of the most beautifully decorated tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

Tomb Decorations

The tomb's walls have bas-relief decorations that demonstrate elegant craftsmanship and are in outstanding condition.

Entrance To The Tomb

Tomb QV 44, the tomb of Khaemwaset, is open to visitors and can be visited every day except Sunday. Tickets for this and two other tombs can be bought for EGP 35 at the ticket counter at the gate. Also, photography inside the tomb is an offense that can incur a heavy penalty, so you are advised not to attempt it.

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