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Ramesses X Tomb

Tomb KV 18 is the burial place of Ramesses X, the second-to-last ruler of the twentieth dynasty in the New Kingdom. The tomb, which was never completed, is located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and has remained open since antiquity. It is visited by many tourists every year who come to learn about Egypt's history. The tomb lies in the southwest wadi on the west bank at Luxor.

The Tomb's Design


The tomb is not very splendid. It contains a standard entranceway and two corridors. The entrance features large facades, a typical characteristic of the Ramesside period; It is a little wider than that seen in the previous tombs. The stairway inside the tomb is divided. 

Renovation Of The Tomb In Modern Times

Consecutive floods caused massive damage to the structure of tomb KV 18. In 1904, Howard Carter began the renovation by installing electric lighting. The walls were whitewashed, and the level base was constructed as a foundation for the equipment. Other renovation work included the construction of the retaining side walls and the chamber. Also, additional roofing was added. The corridor was also re-cut and re-decorated.

Damage Caused By Flooding

Large floods have damaged the outer areas, where the beautiful decorations have almost been wiped off. The plaster and paint have fallen entirely. The only things remaining are the design on the left-hand side and modern European graffiti dating from 1623 to 1905. Some traces of the graffiti are also found on the eastern and western walls.

Tomb Decorations

The gate at the entranceway is decorated with an illustration of the sun disk at the horizon, and the king is seen kneeling on both sides of the disc. The corridor has various scenes of Ramesses X worshipping the many deities, including ram-headed god and goddesses Isis and Nephthys. Of the little decoration remaining after the flood damage, the left wall of the passage had a rough sketch of Re-Horakhy, while on the right, the king is seen in front of Re-Horakhy and Meretseger. However, The second corridor did not have any decorations on the walls or the ceiling.

The Remains Of Ramesses X

The only artifacts found in the tomb KV 18 were the foundation deposits by Howard Carter. These included blue-glazed tools like a hoe, adze, and yoke. Very little is known about the tomb, and the final section of flood debris has only recently cleared. The tomb is said to have been abandoned since no funerary equipment was found, but it’s still uncertain whether it was the burial place of Ramesses X. However, his mummy has never been found anywhere else, so many scholars believe it was a tomb.

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