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Who was Sennefer?

Sennefer was a crucial Egyptian official during the 18th dynasty, serving as mayor of a southern city under Amenhotep II.

Tomb Of Sennefer: TT96


The private tomb of Sennefer, TT96, is also known as the Tomb of the Vineyards. It lies in the upper enclosure of Sheikh Abd el Qurna above TT 100. Its alternative name, Tomb of the Vines or Vineyard, comes from the beautiful decoration on the burial chamber's ceilings. It gives the impression of standing under an overhanging vine arbor with large bunches of grapes.

Discovery Of TT96

TT96 was discovered in 1826, and most travelers who came to the tomb thought it consisted only of the underground burial chamber. Englishman Robert Hay de Linplum made copies of the decorations inside the tomb, which can still be seen at the British Museum. TT96 was opened to the public soon after it was founded and still receives several thousand visitors yearly.

The Tomb's Design

The renovated entrance to the tomb is followed by a steep staircase ending in an antechamber and the burial chamber with four pillars. The upper parts of the tombs are used for storage and are now closed to visitors.

Decorations Inside The Tomb

Unlike most other tombs from this era, both chambers of Sennefer's private tomb were decorated. The upper room has harvesting, banqueting, and offering scenes, similar to the other private tombs. The walls of the underground chamber were covered with mud plaster and had an uneven surface. Scenes in bright colors that are very well preserved are there. The antechamber has a painting of Sennefer sitting under the grape arbor ceiling with his daughter Mut-Tuy leading a procession of priests. The many ladies depicted in the images on the wall create confusion about how many wives Sennefer had. The short passage to the burial chamber has a double scene of Anubis jackals sitting on top of pylon-shaped shrines on either side of an altar.
The ceiling of the burial chamber has an exceptional decoration, and the unique grape design offers any person the impression of standing under a rising and falling canvas tent, with four square pillars supporting the ceiling. The other chamber walls have various the couple and their daughter offering to the deities and showing the deceased's funeral procession.

The Tomb's Current Condition

The paintings on the walls and pillars of the Tomb of Sennefer are now glass-protected and have suitable lighting arrangements. Travelers can only see the underground part of the complex. The tomb is famous in the area due to the beautiful decorations that are somewhat missing in most other tombs of the 18th dynasty. Access to the upper part of the tomb is blocked to the public.

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