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Egypt Travel Safety

Generally speaking, traveling to Egypt is usually safe, and Egyptians are very friendly and welcoming. Locals here help as much as they can when any tourist needs assistance. Most trips into the deserts in Egypt have checkpoints where people inform you about your travel to the destination and ensure that you will safely reach your destination. Trips into any potentially insecure areas have an escort provided by local police. Also, officials here can conduct passport and document checks to prevent any illegal person from trespassing and to ensure peace in the country.

What About Crime In Egypt?

Regarding casual crimes like robberies and muggings, Egypt is safe, especially compared to major US cities like Chicago or New York. Despite political turmoil over the past few years, Egypt is no more hazardous to travel to than any other Western capital in terms of terrorism. The Egyptian economy relies significantly on foreign tourism. Thus, the government and people are keen to prevent adverse occurrences and incidences that can harm the tourism industry. Egypt wishes not to jeopardize the economic benefit of this vital source. One problem that does pop up a bit more than some Westerners may be used to is pickpocketing, but it is not as bad as some suggest. 
Walking out of the airport and inhaling a new country's first air and scent is magical. Most visitors say Egypt is one of the most beautiful and must-see destinations. Cairo alone is bestowed with some of the most famous sights and many other exciting locations around the country!

Inaccurate Foreign Ideas About Egypt

The Western media often portrays Egypt as a warzone and dangerous for tourists. This drives up ratings and supports preconceived ideas about the Middle East and North Africa. However, it needs to be more accurate. Violence in Egypt, even during the revolution, was not widespread or random; in fact, it was only spread over an area of several kilometers. It is best to come for yourself, and you will see that Egypt is very safe, friendly, and regular. 

Political Turbulence

Although the past five years in Egypt have seen political turbulence and unfortunate incidents, the overall economic and political atmosphere is still relatively stable. The Port Said football game incident, the Tahrir Square protests that led to the toppling of Presidents Mubarak and Morsi, and other chaotic incidents have cast a negative spotlight on Egypt and its tourism industry. This has negatively affected the industry and caused occupancy rates to drop at some hotels and historic sites despite steadily rising numbers.

Egyptian Tourism Is Safe (And Fun)!

It's important to note that tourist attractions in Egypt are all well-guarded and safe, and locals here meet foreigners with open arms.
Reputable and trusted travel companies put travelers' security above anything and make reservations only where they consider it completely safe to live and travel. When traveling in a group to anywhere that has experienced instability, the Tourism Ministry here provides a convoy and armed security guards who accompany the group. Thus, if planning to travel to Egypt, it's always recommended to make bookings with a trusted company to ensure peace of mind. You can be sure you'll be well taken care of if you book with a trusted travel company such as Ask Aladdin. 

  • Whenever there is a curfew in Egypt, one can travel only if they have a flight to catch or need medical help. A ticket and passport copy are mandatory to leave one's hotel during such times.
  • One must avoid taking photos of soldiers' tanks or any other military property in Egypt, as this can cause you to get into trouble.
  • The embassy constantly has updated information about the current situation; it's thus advised to ensure that the person asks the embassy about local conditions before visiting Egypt.
  • Hotel staff are generally well-informed about any unrest near their hotel, so you can also always ask them to ensure the area is safe.
  • Any traveler must be aware of some minor risks in using public transport like micro buses and taxis, especially in areas with less traffic and underdeveloped areas. Pickpocketing can be a problem in such areas.
  • Some parts of Cairo are best for foreign visitors to avoid due to high crime rates and pickpocketing. Check with your tour guide about details to ensure you don't wander by mistake into a dangerous area.

Questions About Health And Travel To Egypt

Many people worry about health risks when they travel. It's always advised to consult with a doctor before leaving to inform yourself of possible health risks and to carry along vaccines and medicines that you might need. One must know about potential health issues like accidents, food, water, insect bites, sun exposure, and local illnesses. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure," which is an excellent saying.
Egyptian hotels and resorts are quiet and lovely, with excellent food and hospitality. Health concerns generally do not arise, and food is prepared at high quality and cleanliness levels. 
A trip to Egypt is a fantastic way to explore historic sites and a bright, sunshine-filled holiday for travelers of all ages and categories. Book with a trusted tour company and enjoy everything Egypt offers without worrying!

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