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Natural Therapy in Egypt

Ancient Egyptians had an excellent knowledge of medicines and were skilled in treating many diseases and pains. That valuable knowledge has been passed to the modern world through the many well-preserved papyri translated. They show a strong knowledge of hygiene, disease, and anatomy. The Ebers papyrus, the Kahun papyrus, and the Edwin Smith papyrus are amongst the more known sources of knowledge about ancient natural therapy in Egypt.
In ancient Egypt, animal products, plant materials, and many minerals were used to treat people's ailments. This knowledge is still used extensively today, and there are many specialized natural therapy centers in Egypt.Natural-Therapy-in-Egypt

Therapeutic tourism is gaining popularity, and Egypt is one of the top destinations with its many hot springs. Research has shown that the clay in these springs can cure many respiratory diseases and kidney, bone, and other skin problems. The abundance of coral reefs in the Red Sea can help cure different forms of psoriasis. Sinai, Aswan, Helwan, the Fayoum oases, Safaga, and Hurghada are the primary locations with excellent natural therapeutic benefits.
The Kom Ombo temple in Aswan depicts scenes signifying the importance of Aswan as an environmental therapy center since Pharaonic times. Sand bathing, beneficial for curing forms of arthritis, can be enjoyed ideally between May and September. The dry weather and the pollution-free environment make Aswan the perfect choice for those seeking nature to cure their ailments. The Nubians in Abu Simbel have herbal treatments for common diseases like colds and dysentery.


New Valley is another area in Egypt with many hot springs, medicinal herbs, and sand with curative properties. There are also springs and hot water wells in this place. Many minerals and radioactive elements are present in the sand in this place, and for the treatment of rheumatoid ailments, the person is buried in the sand except chest, stomach, and head. Sinai has the Hammam Pharaon and the Oyoun Mossa, which have the world’s highest-rated sulphuric water. Oyoun Mossa is known to provide spiritual comfort with its hot springs.
The use of traditional medicines in many places in Egypt has kept the science of natural therapy alive even today. Apart from many herbs, biological therapy in Egypt also includes many massages. In fact, according to ancient records, massage therapy originated in Egypt and was known to cure many diseases and physical injuries. Reflexology was practiced on the land as early as 2500 BC. Another ancient form of Egyptian healing is Sekhem, wherein the body’s healing process is used to treat all the physical and mental ailments of the patient.


The Red Sea coast has many world-famous natural therapy sites. Safaga is one of the best places in the world to cure psoriasis.
The reasons for this are the high mountains, the calm sea, and abundant coral reefs. The mud in many areas is also known to cure many skin problems.
Natural therapy in Egypt dates back thousands of years, and the country's hot and dry climate, along with its many hot springs, still cures many ailments today.

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