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Pharaoh Niuserre

Niuserre was a successful pharaoh of Egypt who ruled for a long time and even built two different sun temples. Historians believe he reigned over ancient Egypt for approximately two decades, and some believe he reigned even longer.
Niuserre ruled Egypt during the 5th dynasty. The date of his reign is often put around 2445 B.C. to 2421 B.C. His name means "Possessor Of Re’s Power." He is thought to have succeeded his brother, but on the other hand, there is some evidence that suggests that Shepseskare reigned before him for a few weeks.

The Time Period of Niuserre's Reign

Niuserre is believed by some historians to have reigned for over 44 years, but there is little reliability in this data. Other scholars have assumed that he reigned for 24 years, considering the fact that information was damaged badly. Even the stroke gives rise to confusion, and historians are of the view that there is a distinct trace of 10, 20 or 30. Therefore, there is a possibility that the reign could be from 11 to 14 years, 21 to 24 years, or 31 to 34 years. Some pieces of evidence that have been gathered from the solar temple at Abu Gurab do indicate that the pharaoh reigned for more than 30 years.

The Significance of Niuserre's Pyramid

The initial height of the pyramid was 52 meters, and a slope of 52 degrees. Originally, the pyramid of Niuserre was covered completely by limestone. It is also said that his one and only queen, Reptynub, was buried somewhere nearby. The sun temple is a magnificent place even today, and it is also called the Joy of Re. The pyramid complex is slightly unusual in terms of the two rectangular structures on the eastern sides.

The Ruins Of The Second Sun Temple

A few hundred meters north of the first sun temple at Abusir in Abu Ghurab lie the ruins of the second sun temple. In fact, this it is one of the only two sun temples that have survived to the present day. Archaeologists agree that other sun temples were built, but they have not yet been discovered. Years ago, when the actual cause of these temples was not known, they were referred to as the Pyramid of Righa by travelers. However, later archaeological investigations found the purpose of the pyramid and its association with this Egyptian pharaoh.

Fascinating Sun Temple Details

A close inspection and study revealed that the sun temples are composed of different parts. There was a valley temple, a causeway, and a separate temple containing the obelisk. The surrounding ruins of the valley temple have not yet been discovered. The layouts of the temples constructed by Niuserre were simple, and this was seen as a gateway. Hence, it can often be equated with the contemporary complexes of the pyramid. Tourists can witness the ancient ruins of the temple even today.

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