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King Pepi I

The contributions of King Pepi I in the growth and development of Egypt territory under him cannot be overlooked.

Pepi I

Pepi I quite likely reigned during the 6th dynasty of ancient Egypt. This reign saw the spread and growing prominence of trade and conquest. In addition, Upper Egypt's provincial regions were also on the rise. In reality, the king can be said to be the real founder of the 6th dynasty, even if Teti was the official founder. He actively initiated a policy of intensive penetration in different parts of Nubia. There are even records of his journeys in the early half of his reign. Throughout his reign, he had several marked achievements.

Growing power of Nobility

The growing nobility of the king was one of the major achievements during his reign. The aggressive expansion into Nubia and the spread of trade to far-flung areas are also well-recognized. One of the officials of the king even fought in Asia on his behalf. The mortuary complex of the king also became the name of the entire city he ruled, and this took place after the 18th dynasty. In fact, the decline of the Old Kingdom began with his reign. The regional representatives of the king became more powerful, and they started spreading a greater level of influence throughout the territory.

The Reign of The King

A proper and careful analysis of the damaged 6th dynasty records indicates that Pepi I probably ruled for 48-49 years. However, this is not confirmed because some historical lists show that he reigned for a period of 44 years. Some doubts have also been expressed regarding the cattle count system because it says that the king dominated for 35 years. Despite the time span for which the king reigned, it can be said that he did a lot for the improvement and development of his kingdom, and he continued doing so before his death.

Carrying Out Extensive Trade

He actively initiated extensive trade with Lebanon, as attested by the number of vessels made during his reign. These vessels were later found at Byblos.
On the other hand, an Egyptian biography mentions that he frequently traveled to Punt, a coastal part of eastern Africa and the main purpose of the journey was the trade.
Along with that, he even carried out several quarrying expeditions in different parts of Egypt. The remains of the temple built by the king are found in the delta of the River Nile.

The Monuments

There are two different copper statues of Pepi I depicting royal symbols found at a site called Hierakonpolis. These statues are also stylized representations of the conquered foreign subjects of Egypt. They are rare and were found in an underground store of the temples. Currently, the statues have been disassembled, and they are sealed within a thin layer of copper. The statues bear the name and titles of the king.

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