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Queen Henutsen was an Egyptian queen and the wife of Khufu. She lived during the fourth dynasty in ancient Egypt. Her father was Snefuru. She is believed to have had many children, including Prince Khufu-khaf, Khafre, Minkhaf, and Kheprehn. Her name is mentioned in the inventory stela, and some scholars also believe that she must have been the daughter of Khufu. 

Herodotus, on the other hand, shockingly suggests that Queen Henutsen was the daughter of Khufu, who was prostituted by Khufu in order to raise the funds to build the great pyramid, but no concrete evidence is available to support this theory.

Pyramid of Queen Hunutsen G1c

G1c in Giza is one of the subsidiary pyramids located in the east field of the Giza Necropolis. The pyramid lies on the eastern side of the Great Pyramid of Giza and was constructed during the fourth dynasty of Egypt. It lies to the south of the three pyramids of the Queens and is believed to belong to Queen Henutsen. The Pyramid G1c is 46.25 meters wide and 29.60 meters high. The burial chamber has a 4-inch deep niche dug into it. Initially, G1c was not a part of the pyramid complex of Khufu as the southern side of it is aligned against the side of the Great Pyramid and adjacent to the mastaba tomb of KhufuKhaf I.

Satellite Pyramid

The Pyramid G1c is thought to be a satellite pyramid. Unlike the pyramids G1a and G1b, the same lacks a boat pit. Later on, however, G1c was concluded to have been an unfinished structure that was built in a hurry. The tomb is thought to be the burial place of Henutsen. Some scholars believe that Khufukhaf was the same person as Khafra and the pyramid was built by him for his mother, but no proof is available to support that theory.

The temple was constructed with the elements of an ancient funerary chapel. During excavations, a stele from the New Kingdom was also discovered in the remains. This monument bears an inscription epigraph allowing us to attribute the pyramid of Queen Henutsen.

Inside the mastaba, the prince is shown with a woman who is described as "his mother who bore him, she who sees Horus and Seth, great of affection". The words are similar to the title used for describing Queen Henutsun, showing that the woman was the mother of the king, Queen Henutsun. Thus even if the inventory stela is inaccurate, it is still the consensus that G1c is the pyramid of Henutsen.

Other than pyramid G1c, the queen’s name is also written on a 26th dynasty stela, which was found next to a temple of Isis that was constructed during the 20th dynasty, near Pyramid G1-c in Giza. The stela calls her "the King's Daughter".

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