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Ancient Egyptian Sports

Ancient Egypt Sport

Today's sports were also played during the ancient Egyptian period. Many illustrations on the walls of tombs and monuments show that sports like the long jump, wrestling, weightlifting, rowing, swimming, shooting, athletics, fishing, and a few ball games were very popular with the ancient Egyptians. Also, many kings and princes in this era were keenly interested in attending sports competitions, which they funded with equipment and other support. Rules like choosing a neutral referee, uniforms for players, and the announcement of winners by awarding different medals are some aspects of ancient Egyptian sports that are very similar to today's sports.

Scenes on the walls of the temples and pyramids clearly show that Egyptians knew how to keep physically fit and healthy. Sports were an essential part of daily life and culture. Some most commonly played by ancient Egyptians included gymnastics, boxing, high jump, archery, marathon, handball, javelin throw, weightlifting, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, and equilibrium.

What Were Their Favorites?

The sport called javelin throwing was used in ancient Egypt for hunting and practiced both as a sport and for finding food. Archery was another such sport that was a popular mode of recreation in Egypt and a popular way of hunting. Archery was practiced by the royal family very often. Many water sports were also trendy in Egypt, mainly due to the location of the many banks of the longest river on earth, the river Nile. Rowing and swimming were among the most common water sports played by Egyptians during this era. Soccer is a trendy sport in modern Egypt. Still, ancient Egyptians also enjoyed various other sports like tennis, squash, and even golf, which formed an integral part of the old Egyptian sports scene.

What The Tomb Scenes ShowAncient Egypt Sports

Considering the many drawings and paintings, sports in ancient Egypt also included several ball games. One popular version is a variant of the handball played today. The games were played with balls and bats, which were made out of palm trees. Both children and adults have enjoyed ball games. Most sports in ancient Egypt are believed to have been an activity for mere enjoyment, while some also have developed into professional spectator sporting events. The royal families usually watched these sports to enjoy and have fun. Lengthy marathons were also a part of the sports scene in ancient Egypt, as can be seen from the texts. Marathons have been an essential part of the coronation festivities of pharaohs and kings throughout ancient Egyptian history. Thus, sports in ancient Egypt were necessary and integral to daily life to keep people physically fit and as a means of entertainment and recreation.


Ancient Egypt Sports

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