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Sacred Lotus Dahabiya

The Sacred Lotus Dahabiya takes its blueprint from an authentic Dahabiya dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s, and is structured in a colonial theme. The soul of this traditional twin-masted sailboat lies in the partially shaded top deck. It's the ideal spot to recline on a wooden sun lounger and watch the leisurely passing scenery. Beneath deck, there is a pleasant living space, a lounge, four rooms and a single suite. The snug lounge boasts a petite library featuring books on the Nile and Egypt. Furnished with comfy sofas, it provides the perfect ambience to conclude the day. Exchange anecdotes, recount experiences, immerse oneself in a book or engage in a game of backgammon while relishing a cup of Turkish coffee or sipping on some Alexandrian wine.

Nile Cruise

Cruise Itinerary


  • right24-Hour Reception
  • rightDry Cleaning
  • rightSafe-Deposit Box
  • rightLaundry Service


  • rightSwimming pool
  • rightBath / Hot Tub
  • rightCasino

Cruise Experiences

  • Experience the wonders of old Egypt in ease!

    Wonderful Experience.

    Dream Journey: Incredible adventure with the finest organization and tour leaders!

Sacred Lotus Dahabiya

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