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Exploring Jordan's natural wonders and landscapes

Being a popular tourist destination, Jordan is home to many incredible landscapes and natural wonders. Whether you’re into hiking, camping, birdwatching, or archaeology, there are plenty of places in Jordan that will suit your specific interests. 
The country’s spectacular landscapes have inspired countless artists and writers over the centuries. Explore some of the country’s most famous landmarks and hidden corners by reading our article on how to see Jordan's natural wonders and landscapes 

The country's most famous landmarks


One of the most popular natural wonders in Jordan is Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is known for its stunning architecture and breathtaking landscapes. Petra is an ancient city that was carved into rock more than 2,000 years ago, and it is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Visitors can explore the many tombs and temples, as well as the famous Treasury, which is carved into the rock face and is one of the most iconic symbols of Petra.

Wadi Rum, a natural wonder in Jordan


Another popular natural wonder in Jordan is Wadi Rum, a desert landscape that is known for its unique rock formations and stunning sunsets. Wadi Rum is home to a wide range of wildlife, including desert foxes and hyenas, and visitors can take a jeep tour or a camel ride to explore the area. There are also several Bedouin camps where visitors can spend the night and enjoy traditional meals and activities.

Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth


Jordan is also home to many beautiful lakes, including the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth and is known for its therapeutic mineral-rich waters. Visitors can float in the sea, which has a high salt concentration that makes it easy to stay afloat and enjoy the natural mud baths which are believed to have healing properties. The nearby area of the Dead Sea also has several spa and wellness resorts that offer a variety of treatments and activities.

Jordan's nature will suit your interest 

For outdoor enthusiasts, Jordan offers many opportunities for hiking, climbing, and camping. The Dana Nature Reserve, located in the mountains of southern Jordan, offers some of the best hiking trails in the country, with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The reserve is also home to many different species of birds and animals, including the endangered Nubian ibex.

Jordan’s several nature reserves

Jordan also has several nature reserves, such as the Azraq Wetland Reserve, which is known for its rare and endangered species of birds and animals, such as the Syrian Serin and the Osprey. The reserve also offers a variety of activities, including bird-watching, hiking, and camping. The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is a protected area that aims to conserve and reintroduce endangered species of animals, such as the Oryx, the Dama Gazelle, and the Nubian Ibex.

A variety of water sports


Jordan is also home to many beautiful beaches, including Aqaba, which is known for its clear waters and coral reefs. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports, such as snorkeling and diving, and explore the many shipwrecks that lie beneath the surface. Aqaba also offers many restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as a wide range of accommodation options.


Jordan is a country that is rich in natural beauty, with a diverse range of landscapes that are sure to take your breath away. From the majestic mountains of Petra to the rolling deserts of Wadi Rum, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Jordan. Whether you're interested in hiking, camping, or simply admiring the views, Jordan is a destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories. With so many natural wonders and landscapes to explore, Jordan is a must-see destination for any nature lover.

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