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Jordan Bus Timetables: A Guide to Public Transportation in Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. Visitors to Jordan will find many attractions to see, including the historic city of Petra, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea. To explore the country, many visitors prefer to use public transportation, including buses. In this blog post, we will take a look at Jordan bus timetables and how they are compatible with search engines.

The Public Transportation System in Jordan

Jordan has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, taxis, and shared taxis. The bus system is operated by the government-owned Jordan Transport Company (JTC) and offers several routes throughout the country. There are also private bus companies operating in Jordan, including Al-Quds Bus Company and Shams Al-Arab Bus Company. These companies offer more flexible and convenient bus services, with modern coaches and affordable prices.

Jordan Bus Timetables

Jordan bus timetables are designed to help visitors and residents to plan their journeys in advance. The bus schedules are available online and can be found on the JTC website or the websites of private bus companies. The schedules are updated regularly to reflect changes in routes, times, and schedules.

The bus timetables are organized by route, and they show the departure and arrival times, the stops along the way, and the time it takes to travel between each stop. The schedules also show the type of bus that operates each route and the number of stops along the way.


Jordan bus timetables are an important tool for visitors and residents to plan their travels around the country. They are easily accessible and are organized by route, showing departure and arrival times, stops, and travel time between each stop. By using the bus schedules, travelers can plan their journeys and experience the beauty of Jordan with ease and convenience.

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